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Man, Wife, Neighbor and Movie-Inspired Murder

Highlights: The Wife murders, and buries husband inside the home with the help of her lover, finally caught. DNA samples have been sent to the forensic lab.
Evidence: Dead Body, Firearm, Axe
Evidence Type: Biological Evidence (DNA), Physical Evidence (Firearm, Axe), Secondary Crime Scene. 

A lot of people watch movies to be entertained, some to be inspired, and some for a notorious crime, and this saga only adds to the series of murders that take place all around the world but you can’t turn a reel into a real one. Life is no drama and no crime is perfect and that’s how Police and forensics play a vital role in solving it.

The case is itself a movie plot. Man, wife, neighbor and extramarital affair, a perfect plot for a crime movie but it was staged in real life when the wife and her neighbor lover plan to get rid of her husband.

On Monday, the Ghaziabad Police claimed to have solved a four-year-old case and arrested two people accused of murdering a man in 2018. Police also exhumed the body of a man reportedly murdered by his wife and a neighbor with whom she was having an affair.

According to authorities, the man’s body was buried in the home of his wife’s boyfriend.

An abduction case was reported to Sihani Gate police station on September 28, 2018, after victim Chandra Vir, a native of Sikrod village, Ghaziabad (India), vanished. The case was ultimately closed because investigators were unable to achieve a breakthrough.

Police have revived the case, nevertheless, in response to new information. Savita, the wife of Chandra Vir, had an extra-marital affair with Arun, aka Anil Kumar, before they married. According to Savita’s statement to police, Chandra Vir beat her up after discovering her in intimate positions with Arun on numerous occasions.

The man arrived home on September 28, 2018, intoxicated, and went to sleep. Then Savita invited Arun to her home. He allegedly shot Chandra Vir in the head with a country-made pistol. Which instantly killed him.

According to Additional Superintendent of Police (Crime) Deeksha Sharma, the skeleton was excavated from a six-foot-deep grave within Anil’s home. For analysis, DNA samples have been sent.

Police have found the firearm that was used in the crime as well as the axe that was used to dig the pit.

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