Mother and Son Murdered Ex-Navy Man and Chopped his Body into 6 Pieces.

A former navy veteran was murdered in West Bengal, where his body was dismembered and reportedly discarded in several locations by his son.

A senior police official of the Baruipur police district in South 24 Parganas stated on Sunday, 20 November that police had detained the man’s wife and son on Saturday after they reported that the man’s son had been “constantly tortured” by the former navy veteran Ujjwal Chakraborty. Chakraborty, 55 years old, had retired from the navy about 12 years previously.

The police claim that on November 12, at his residence in Baruipur, Chakraborty got pushed by his son, and struck his head on a chair. His son then reportedly strangled him to death. His wife and son carried Chakraborty’s body to the bathroom after he had been killed. The son then chopped the body into six pieces using a hacksaw from his carpentry class kit bag and throw them all around their neighborhood.

According to Police, the son dropped the plastic-wrapped body pieces at least six times on his bicycle, 500 meters distant in the Khas Mallick and Dehimedan Malla districts. The head and stomach of Chakraborty were pulled from a pond in Dehimedan Malla, while his two legs were found under a rubbish dump. Other body parts, including the hands, are still being searched for.

The mother-son team drew police attention when they reported a missing complaint in the early hours of November 15.

“The time when they went to Baruipur police station to lodge the missing complaint was what struck us. We found discrepancies in their versions and grilled them. Finally, the son admitted to the crime,” the police officer said.

An initial investigation found that Chakraborty had turned down his son’s request for payment of Rs 3,000 to attend a test, which sparked a dispute between the two. “Chakraborty slapped his son, who in turn shoved his father, and because of that, he fell unconscious after striking his head against a chair. Then the son killed him by strangling him”, The policeman said.

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