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Police Used Genealogy And Dna Evidence To Solve Bastian And Welch’s Unsolved Case

dr. omana and murleedharan

Dr. Omana is still at large after chopping her Ex-Boyfriend

a person removing the scales of a fish

Man is cut into 10 pieces in Delhi by his wife and son.

man cutting tress using chainsaw

Mother and Son Murdered Ex-Navy Man and Chopped his Body into 6 Pieces.

police officer putting handcuffs on another person

Man, Wife, Neighbor and Movie-Inspired Murder


Man cuts his live-in partner into 35 pieces and throws them at forest area of Delhi |forensicfield

auto shankar

Auto Shankar-A Well Known Criminal |forensicfield

police officer putting handcuffs on another person

A Murder for Gain – Karikkan Villa Case |forensicfield

Rajan case

Rajan – An Victim of a Police Brutality In Terrifying Emergency (1977)

girl in pink shirt and black pants walking on gray concrete pathway

Mysterious Disappearance Cases Those Are Unsolved Till Date

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