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Forensic’s Blog publishes monthly magazines, a reliable source of contemporary knowledge in the field of forensic science. It encompasses the full spectrum of forensic science including crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Document Examination, Forensic Biology, Forensic Toxicology, Evidence Law, Legal Proceedings, etc. This Magazine is delighted to accept research papers, review articles, short communications, case reports, opinions, crime stories, Notes, Interviews, etc., focused on forensic science and criminology.

Author Guidelines

Forensic’s Blog welcomes authors from all over the world to share their innovative research and findings. The contents submitted to forensic’s blog gets more visibility.

You can submit your works on any scientific topic in your area of expertise. Forensic’s blog only publishes high quality content. Content should be unique, original and the presentation must be of potential interest to the readers.

You can submit your research articles. These research papers must be original and must be in the major field of science. The research articles can include the findings and the methodology you used. You can also compile your evidence that led to your conclusions.

By submitting your articles to Forensic’s Blog, you get:

  • Publication on Major publishing sites. such as; Google Play Partner, Amazon Kindle, Etc.
  • Publication of your articles on our website.
  • Help and suggestions to improve your work.
  • Visibility of your manuscripts from around the world through Indexing on major websites.

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Withdrawal Policy

Forensic’s blog is committed to ensuring and preserving high-quality content, and writers are expected to follow and respect to publishing ethics from submission to final publication. Authors who contribute to Forensic’s Blog should be aware of the following policies:

Article Withdrawal

Article removal is only possible at the pre-publication stage. Withdrawal is likely to happen by either the author or the publisher. Author removal is only permitted if their institution imposes compelling or inescapable requirements, or if problems with co-authors occur. The editorial office needs a formal signed letter from all authors outlining the cause for withdrawal in this circumstance. If an article is found to breach the ethical norms, such as numerous submissions, plagiarism, fraudulent use of data without the original author’s agreement, or spurious claims of authorship, the publisher has the power to retract the article.

Article Retraction

If there are any legal problems or copyright infringements regarding a particular manuscript, retraction of the article is considered in a post-publication process. The original article will be taken down from the internet, but the PDF or HTML link will be displayed with a retraction notice. Because withdrawal after publication concerns our editorial staff’s efforts in processing the submissions, the payment for publishing will not be refunded for the withdrawn manuscript at this time. (Charges may apply)

Article Removal

When an article is subject to legal limitations with the publisher, copyright holder, or author, it is removed from the online database. If the paper is published, the principal hazards include recognition of inaccurate data portrayal, legal rights violations, and, scientific data manipulation. (Charges may apply)

Article Replacement

If the authors think the article is inaccurate, they can withdraw it and replace it with a new version. The article retraction process will be followed in this situation, and the retraction letter will provide the replacement article’s URL.

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