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I was wondering if you would be interested in writing a guest post on forensicfield blog.

If you are thinking why would you do it or what will you get from it then let me inform you I have over 8k subscribers and get above 50k visitors monthly who could all see your post. You will get recognition on net and this will also improve your knowledge and style of writing.

If you are positive then let me tell you that you can write about anything related to forensic science and in exchange you will get exposure to all over social media platform and on blog post of forensicfield.blog.

If it’s looks good to you then do not hesitate to mail me your writings, essays, notes, point wise notes or anything which you find useful for a forensic reader.

If you wish to publish your article on our website. Please submit the same in MS Word format along with a short bio of the writer to us by email at fieldofforensic@gmail.com

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