Blood Examination

Red Stains

Substances That Resemble Blood Stains

Electrophoresis Test

What is Electrophoresis Test?

Electrophoresis is being used for the separation of various enzyme system.

Spectrophotometry Test

What is Spectrophotometry Test?

Spectrophotometry is measuring intensity of light in a part of the spectrum as transmitted by particular substances.

Wagenaar’s Test

What is Wagenaar’s Test?

This test was discovered by Wagenaar in 1935.

Wagenaar reagent- acetone and Hcl 10% v/v.

Takayama Test

What is Takayama Test?

Takayama test first discovered in 1912 by Takayama for blood detection.

Takayama test is used for the confirmation of blood not species origin.

Teichmann Crystal Test

What is Teichmann Crystal Test?

Dr. Ludwig Karl Teichman discovered a test for detection of blood in 1853. later the test name as Teichmann Crystal Test.

Leucomalachite Green Test

What is Leucomalachite Green?

Malachite is a Triphenyl Methane dye.

It’s an organic compound that is used as a Dyestuff.

Formula of Leucomalachite Green- C23H26N2

Fluorescein Test


While Luminol is oftenly used for detection of blood around since 1939, another method can also be used to reveal hidden/washed blood stain known as Fluorescein which is also being used around since 1990s.

Luminol Test

What is Luminol?

Luminol is a chemical that exhibits chemiluminescence, with blue glow.

Formula of Luminol – C8H7N3O2

Phenolphtalein Test

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