Each person has distinctive skin features that set him apart from all other people in the world that are on the palm of their hands and on the soles of their feet. These features are seen in the skin of the friction ridge, which when in contact with an object leaves an imprint of its structures. Fingerprints are the marks left by the outermost finger joint. Fingerprint recognition is an essential and important tool in forensic science nowadays. Read following articles to know more about it.

Fingerprint Glossary


Factors Affecting Fingermarks And Their Degradation: A Mini Review

FIngerprint on glass

Types Of Fingerprint Patterns

Algorithms for reconstructing fingerprints

Detection of Latent Prints On Wet Surfaces


Fingerprint- A Myth or Reality

iodine fuming

Iodine Fuming Method


AFIS (The Automated Fingerprint Identification System)

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