Man is cut into 10 pieces in Delhi by his wife and son.

After Shardhha’s case, another incident came out as a shocker when men were cut into 10 pieces and mother-son started throwing pieces of the body at various places. the said man is abusive and has a tendency to waste money according to the accused. After murdering him they put his body in the fridge and late at night they throw it.

Is it normal nowadays to kill someone, chop them up, and preserve the parts in the refrigerator?

Mother Son duo kills husband/father in a manner that is unthinkable and then kept the part in the fridge. The pieces were subsequently dumped over many days in and around East Delhi and Pandav Nagar.

The woman and her son can be seen accessing and departing an unoccupied area of the property at different times during the day and night in CCTV footage given by the criminal division.

DCP (crime) Amit Goel announced the following during a news briefing on Monday: “On June 5, various body parts were retrieved near Ramlila Maidan in the east district. Two legs, two thighs, a cranium, and a forearm were found over the course of the following three days, and a case was established.” He said that after reviewing CCTV video and doing door-to-door verification, police eventually determined that the corpse belonged to Anjan Das.

“A further investigation revealed that Das had been missing for the past five-six months and that there was no missing complaint filed by the family members. This created suspicion in our minds and his wife Poonam and son Deepak were picked up. They confessed to his murder on questioning. We also found footage of them walking towards different areas after the incident,” he added further.

Ravindra Yadav, a special commissioner of police (crime), said that Poonam wed when she was 13 or 14. She was married once, but he left and moved to Delhi. She came here in search of him but settled down with Kallu. Deepak is one of three kids born to the couple. Later, Kallu passed away from liver failure. After that, she wed Das in 2017. Although he had been married and had eight children from his prior marriage, Das kept this information from her. Later Deepak alleged that Das had bad intentions against his wife, and Poonam believed her husband was harassing her sister. He added that Das would also steal their money.

“They claimed to have kept the body inside the house for a whole day to allow the blood to drain. Within a few days, they cut the body into 10 pieces and dumped it. Six parts have been found thus far”, according to DCP Goel. “The accused said Das wasn’t making enough money and the couple frequently fought.” Das was a lift operator.

CCTV footage captured the suspect approaching an empty field while carrying a bag that seemed to contain body parts.

Police said that they had found the accused’s clothing along with Das’s phone.

A similar incident of brutal murder took place a few days ago. A former navy veteran was murdered in West Bengal, where his body was dismembered and reportedly discarded in several locations by his son. Read Full Case here: Mother and son murdered ex-navy man and chopped his body into 6 pieces.

Hearing about the murder is unsettling in itself. It makes us wonder how anyone can murder someone. Many countries do not allow capital punishment and if allow it then only in rare circumstances. Because no one wants to take a life. But when we talk about murderers, the matter is different. There are several types of murder: in the heat of the moment, conspiracy, homicide, premeditated murder, assassination, and self-defense. Not every murder can be put in the same light. Killing and then dismembering a body requires a strong will and why one should be so cruel as to dismember a human being in this way is a matter of psychological and sociological study. Murder is not a new thing in our society, there have been mass killings, Murders, and killings by brutal methods. But when we say that we are living in modern society then don’t we need to change our way of living? Don’t we need to get out of the situation that leads someone to go to the extent where they commit crimes? Don’t we need to say out loud that enough is enough? Don’t we need to call out the offending person? Murder is never, never has been, and never will be the answer.

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