Crime Scene Investigation

What is an Anecdotal Evidence?

Crime scene tape

Loopholes in Forensic Investigative Procedures


Blood Spatter Analysis

MCQs on Crime Scene Investigation


Tools & Equipments for Crime Scene Investigation

In Crime Scene Investigation, An investigator needs some tools which help in collecting evidences, preserving crime scene, etc.

How To Search Fingerprints On Crime Scene

The search for possible fingerprint needs a systematic and narrowly approach to the suspected areas.

✔Fingerprints can frequently be seen by holding the flashlight🔦at low angles so that the surface is observed under oblique lighting.

Use of Photographic Techniques in Forensic Science

Sources:A Closer Look On Forensic Science written by Archana Singh


A crime-Scene photographer which is also known as forensic photographer or an evidence photographer is a professional photographer who is skilled in the art of producing only the most exact, detailed photographs that photograph of entire crime scene and physical evidences from every angle. Different types of photographic techniques are used in forensic science such as ultraviolet, Infrared, Macro, Panoramic, Digital, Fluorescent, Multiple.

Investigation of crime Scene

Sources:A Closer Look On Forensic Science written by Archana Singh

How is it possible to identify the person who committed a crime??

A little amount of blood or a hair or a fiber or a part of skin or any number of different type of materials can help a crime to be reconstructed and lead investigators to the responsible person.

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