Forensic Genetics

mitochondrial analysis

Mitochondrial DNA Analysis of skeletal remains – An overview technique

Genetic genealogy

How To Solve A Crime With Genetic Genealogy?


Police Used Genealogy And Dna Evidence To Solve Bastian And Welch’s Unsolved Case

DNA molecular model kit, USA, 1986. (kits; structures; molecular biology; genetics)

Collection method of touch DNA from Fabric and it’s Effect

dna structure

Can DNA Be Used To Store Images, Videos & Other Documents


DNA Profiling: Boon or Curse?

Blood on slide

DNA Extraction

Mitochondrial DNA

Mitochondrial DNA (Mt DNA) is the DNA located in the mitochondria and is energy producing cell organelle.

DNA Analysis

DNA analysis is the interpretation of genetic sequences. It can be used for medical diagnoses, determine parentage, criminal investigations, etc.

Genetic Genealogy: A complete Overview

Now a days it is very popular way to know about one’s ancestry or to confirm the relationship between two people. This is a method through which people can learn about their ancestry.. Read more..

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