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On October 7, 1980, this horrifying crime happened. The bodies of an elderly couple, K C George, 63, and Rachel George, 56, were discovered inside their large bungalow, Karikkan Villa. This crime occurred in a region of Kerala called Thiruvalla. Their maid, “Gouri,” was the one who first noticed the bodies that lovely morning and alerted the neighbors about the murder.

Karikkan villa case

The couple had lived in Kuwait for a long and did not have children. It was also rumored that other relatives had their wealth and property on the market. However, the couple avoided their neighbours and family at all costs.

Siby Mathews, the assistant police superintendent (ASP) of the Chengannur sector, arrived at the crime scene as soon as the police were told of the incident. Some blood samples and bloody shoeprints were collected as evidence from the crime scene after an additional examination. The maid informed the police that the couple was expecting visitors on the previous day, whom she referred to as “Madrasile mon” (son in madras). Even if shoeprint photos were taken to stores, no one was able to solve the problem. The police investigator was confident thanks to the evidence that the murderers were not professionals and were someone the couple knew because there were signs that tea had been served on the table. Blood samples from a third party at the crime scene revealed that the offender was seriously damaged. The evidence collected from the maid concerning the relative youngster after further questioning was the focus of the police inquiry after extensive investigation and intense pressure.

That was a turning point, and the police team began tracing each member of the deceased couple’s family and building a family tree. They quickly learned that they had a relative in Madras and set off to find him. A background check on the related boy Reny by the investigative team reveals that he is a drug addict. The CI of Thiruvalla, A K Achary, was given the assignment of locating their relative in Madras. He and his coworker discovered upon arrival that he is an aeronautical engineering student and resides in a neighbouring lodge.

After being located, Reny and his three pals were picked up from a lodge. Despite one of them—a Kenyan—eluding capture, he later turned himself into Thiruvalla police. The accused was given the death penalty by the court, however, the sentence was eventually commuted to life in prison.

Reny and three helpers karrikan case

Reny George and his companions were discovered to be drug addicts who were also struggling for money. They were willing to do any business since they desperately needed money. The couple, who were his relatives, were subsequently murdered because they were anticipating receiving a large amount of gold and cash from their home. He and his gang went to the couple’s house and had tea and brutally murdered them. While killing George, Reny’s hand was injured which resulted in the blood sample of the third person.

Additionally, the brand of shoe they were wearing matched the shoe prints. All those brutal activities that happened on that evening were all for money which was shocking news for the entire state. This created worries for those who worked overseas to keep their parents alone in their homes.

A murder for gain done by a group of youngsters with their confidence that they won’t get caught in the deep hands of drugs. This case study is a perfect example that how a proper investigation is carried out and how each piece of evidence that is collected from the crime scene is important.

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