Dr. Omana is still at large after chopping her Ex-Boyfriend

How many of you are familiar with Dr. Omana Edadan and the murder of the suitcase?

Dr. Omana and Muraleedharan

The Kerala and Tamil Nadu police received the unexpected news on July 11, 1996. Woman carrying something suspicious in her suitcase. A taxi driver alerted the authorities after seeing Dr. Omana extra cautious with her suitcase.

Kerala ophthalmologist, Dr. Omana Edadan. She graduated from college in the 1980s and was known for her rebellious behavior while a student. After finishing her education, she opened her own clinic and moved in. She was detained in connection with the brutal killing of Muraleedharan, her ex-boyfriend.

Man is cut into 10 pieces in Delhi by his wife and son.

Muraleedharan was a contractor who led his own life after their breakup. She developed a strategy for achieving her goal of killing her ex-boyfriend, and she carried it out at Ooty, Tamil Nadu.

Dr. Oman’s Well-Planned Murder

She has a vacation to Ooty planned with the victim, and once they both agreed on it, everything fell into place. She gave him a poison injection. She then cut his body into several pieces with surgical accuracy. In order to prevent blood flow from the body as she chopped off, she gave him an injection of a medication that would aid in blood coagulation. After finishing her chopping, she turned the pieces into coverings and put them in suitcases.

Things Went Wrong

She made the decision to bring them to Kanyakumari for disposal as she could not get rid of them as she had intended. She requests a taxi and loads up the vehicle with this baggage as she heads to Kanyakumari. The taxi driver saw that she was acting suspiciously and was more suspicious about the suitcases that she carried, and it was he who reported the suspicion to the authorities. Then, additional procedures were carried out after the police had apprehended her and the evidence in the suitcases. Responsibilities were initially carried out by the Ooty police.

She was taken into custody.

She was punished and was in Madras jail for a few years before receiving bail in 2001. After that, she vanished. It was later believed that she used a false identity to board a flight to Malaysia. She was branded an offender by the court, and notice of this was published in all major Tamil and Malayalam newspapers. She was then added to Interpol’s list of sought people.

Man Cuts his Live-in-Partner into 35 pieces

The reason behind the murder

In addition to the stories presented above regarding Oman and the suitcase murder, numerous other stories have been presented today about this. Muraleedharan is alleged to have continued torturing Dr. Omana in exchange for cash and gold, however other accounts contend that she was only seeking revenge. Still uncertain is what really happened.

Dr. Omana Disappeared

Years later, in 2017, news of an Indian woman who had died in Malaysia after falling from a building was widely reported. However, it was informed to the Kerala police and was believed that the body belonged to Dr. Omana. Later, it was eventually established that it was not her. Nobody today is aware of her current location or state of health.

The Sukumarakurup, an Indian fugitive and one of the most wanted criminals, is well known to us all. This is yet another intriguing case that featured one of the most wanted female criminals in existence right now.

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