jane doe

Who is Jane Doe?

Fingerprint Glossary


Drug-related Glossary

Palatal Rugae

Cystolithic hairs

The Cystolithic hairs are a spindle-shaped body consisting of pectin-associated concentric layers of longitudinally aligned cellulose microfibrils and other cell wall of polysaccharides.


Inflammation of the prepuce.

Acid Phosphatase

Acid Phosphatase is an enzyme found in many tissues, cellular components of bone, spleen, kidney, liver, intestine, and blood.

Acid phosphatase Test

….stain is pressing with dampened filter/blotting paper on to the surface to move some fluid/stain on paper. Then filter/blotting papers are tested with a chemical reagent, which changes colour from orange to purple which confirms the presence of acid phosphatase.


Automatic Colt Pistol is usually used in correlation to the caliber.

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