Takahiro Shiraishi : Twitter Killer

Murder requires motivation. People sometimes kill out of amusement or in a fit of wrath, and occasionally they kill for gratification that won’t be fulfilled with a single murder. It turns into a murderous spree. There are serial killers all around the world. In Zama, Japan, one of the most recent cases became known to the public in 2017.

Takahiro Shiraishi

In the Japanese city of Zama, which is close to Tokyo, police investigating a missing 23-year-old woman who turned out to be one of the victims discovered dismembered body parts in Shiraishi’s apartment on Halloween that year.

Police were sent to Shiraishi’s home on the morning of October 31, 2017, after her brother discovered a strange handle on her Twitter account after she had vanished.

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When detectives found nine skulls and several limb and leg bones hidden in coolers and toolboxes, the Japanese media dubbed it the “house of horrors.”

Nearly all of the young ladies he killed and dismembered were people he met on social media, according to the 30-year-old who admitted to the crimes.

Mr. Shiraishi was nicknamed “the Twitter murderer” when he admitted to contacting eight women online and taking advantage of their fears to set up encounters with them over a two-month period. To prevent them from reporting him to the police, he drugged, attacked, and ultimately murdered them.

Twitter changed its policies in response to the deaths, stating that users should not “promote or encourage suicide or self-harm.” The issue of how suicide is communicated online was sparked by serial deaths.

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