black crt tv showing gray screen

Are Criminals Influenced by Crime Dramas?

black flat screen tv hanging on the white wall

Best Crime Shows To Watch in 2022

woman placing her finger between her lips

Digital Rape: A Newer Terminology In The Sexual Offences

man doing a sample test in the laboratory

How To Become a Forensic Toxicologist?

police officer putting handcuffs on another person

South Africa’s Stupidest Criminal: Thomas Ngcobo Is Arrested After Going To Police Station For Job Query

close up photography of brown wasp

How To Become Forensic Entomologists?

man holding his face

What is Behavioural Toxicology?

white blue and purple multi shape medicine pills

Drug-related Glossary

photo of head bust print artwork

Psychological Autopsy and Forensic Investigation

Eliza Fletcher

DNA Evidence Helped Connecting the Accused to the Eliza Fletcher Kidnapping And Homicide Case

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