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UV Light


Ultraviolet light is also known as ultraviolet radiation. It is a form of energy which is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is a form of non-ionizing radiation.

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CCTV Footage Importance as an Evidence

Full Form of CCTV: Closed-circuit TeleVision

Other Name: It is also known as Video Surveillance

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Glass Fracture Patterns

Question: what is importance of Broken Glass at Crime Scene?

Answer: Broken glass at crime scenes can play an important role in crime scene reconstruction, and it can be a very useful evidence. Glass fracture patterns are most often found at the following crime scene:

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By @forensicfield

What is Forensic Physics?

Forensic Physics Deals With The Examination Of :

  • Computer & Mobile Forensics (Digital Forensics),
  • Audio & Video Processing,
  • Image Processing,
  • And Physical Evidences Etc.
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