The culprit turned out to be a’serial killer’ as police investigated the murder of a BA student.

Such crimes occasionally come to light, and the police are taken aback when they are revealed. From Faridabad, a similar instance has surfaced. A disturbing fact came to light when the police were probing the murder of a BA student.

According to reports, the accused in this case was a security guard who had committed six killings rather than one or two. He had previously committed a horrific crime involving the rape of four young women. Prior to Voice, he was also charged with the murders of his uncle and cousin in 1987 by slitting there throat.

The accused, according to the crime branch, works as a security guard in a city hospital in the Sector-17 area. This hospital is no longer open. Girls from Sector-17’s slum come to the hospital to clean. He used to entice girls by luring them with money and then molest them. He used to kill them after that because he was afraid of the secret being revealed. He killed two girls in same manner. However, third girl was came on his radar because of some enmity with her brother. In the hospital, he strangled all three girls to death. In the dark of night, the dead body was stuffed into sacks and tossed into the canal. All missing persons cases have been reported to Sector-17 police station.

53 years old Singh Raj Nagar is from Faridabad, Uttar Pradesh. After the crime was proven, the police interrogated him thoroughly, and he divulged all of his wicked deeds. The accused said that three years prior, he had raped and killed a 12-year-old girl in Faridabad. According to the accused, the family members refused to let this situation be brought to light, and the matter was never brought to the attention of the police. The accused informed the authorities during questioning, subsequently his imagination expanded and he made more girls his victim. The accused Singhraj admitted to killing a 14-year-old girl in December 2019, a 12-year-old girl in August 2020, and a 15-year-old girl in May 2021. In the most recent case, the details of the murder were revealed.

The most recent case involves the disappearance of a BA final student from Bhupani on December 31. Her disappearance was reported to the police in Old Faridabad.

On January 6, the accused personally called the girl’s grandma then confessed and notified her of girl murder, stating that the body was found on the canal’s banks in Sector-17.

The woman’s grandma reported Nagar to the police, who then arrested him. During the course of the investigation, Singh Raj Nagar admitted to the police that he had raped and killed three underage girls between the years of 2019 and 2021.

According to Narender Kadiyan, Faridabad’s DCP (Crime), “For a couple of years, Nagar had known the fourth victim, a BA final year student. On December 31, he rode his bicycle to his village of Jasana, which is roughly 16 kilometres from Faridabad. He raped her after locking her in a room for two days. Finally, he strangled her to death and dumped her body in the Agra canal,”.

Nagar learned that the body of a 21-year-old woman had stuck in the bushes and had not float away, unlike the other three body so he decided to inform girl’s family.

In this case, the accused has been remanded for questioning by the crime branch. On his indications the body was recovered and the accused was arrested by the police.

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