Cyanide Mohan

Cyanide Mohan: The Gruesome Tale of India’s Dreaded Serial Killer

Cyanide Mohan

Have you heard about Cyanide Mohan, one of the dreaded serial criminal in India?

Mohan Kumar Vivekanand, popularly known as Cyanide Mohan, was a teacher by profession. He was arrested previously by the authorities for attempting to kill the woman he was seeing by pushing her off a bridge in order to get away from her.

It is assumed that during his time in jail, he was accompanied by a goldsmith, from whom he learned the following information about the poison cyanide. The lack of evidence led to his release He married two different women and had two children with each of them. For each family, he was a kind, devoted spouse and a loving father.

After a few years, he somehow continues to research the poison and purchases cyanide from a chemical store by pretending as a goldsmith, making purchase of those items simple. The journey of Cyanide Mohan starts there.

His modus operandi were to get in touch with unmarried women, all of them from Dakshina Karnataka and Kasaragod in Kerala, with different names by promising jobs and marriage. He took women to different places and sexually assaulted them in the lodges near a bus stand. He tricked them into taking cyanide pills in the restrooms of the neighbouring bus stop while convincing them that they were contraceptive pills.Once the woman entered, he would wait for 30 minutes, and once he was certain they had died, he would take all of her possessions and leave. He would use her phone to make contact with the upcoming victim.This kept happening until there were 20 or more women.

One of the most recent instances’ charge sheet claims that Mohan befriended Pushpa, a chef who worked at a women’s hostel. He sent her a marriage proposal and paid her three house visits in connection with it. On July 8, 2009, Pushpa left her home on the pretence of visiting a temple in Sullia, but she never came back. Mohan informed her family members who had contacted that she was with him in a hotel inside the boundaries of Bengaluru’s Upparpet police station. He took Pushpa to the Majestic bus terminal on July 15, 2009, where he asked her to take “cyanide,” tricking her into thinking it was a contraceptive pill. In the public restroom, the victim’s body was discovered later on. Mohan left with the victim’s ornaments after returning to the hotel. This incident resulted in dropping of Mohan’s stones.

Investigations were carried out in different angles. One of the victims missing case was under investigation. On the investigation process, her call history got connected to the next missing victim. This somehow went on connecting which resulted into a 10-15 missing case of young unmarried womans. Cyber investigations played a very important role in finding the location of the phone used by the victim. And they found that all the phones of the missing victims wer at somepoint in the village called Dharalakatte. On tracing the location, police reach Dharalakatte. It was traced to a young boy Dhanush, who told them it was given by his uncle named Mohan.

With the help of a different woman who was to be his next victim, the police were able to bring down the serial killer Mohan Kumar. In 2009, he was accused of killing 20 women. After being found guilty of killing a 25-year-old Kasaragod woman, he was given a life sentence. The trial for all 20 murder cases against him has concluded with the filing of this final one.

As of now, he has been sentenced to life imprisonment in 15 murder cases. He is lodged at the Hindalga Central Prison in Belagavi.

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