UGC NET Exam June 2019 Forensic Science Paper-2 Question Paper with Answer Key & Explanation

41. Statement 1(S1): Father -Mother of ‘O’ group child never can be ‘A’ and ‘B’

Statement 2 (S2): The child has only that blood group which at least found in Father- Mother

A. S1 and S2 both are correct and S2 is explanation of S1

B. S1 and S2 both are correct and S2 is not explanation of S1

C. S1 and S2 both are wrong

D. S1 and S2 both are correct

Ans.- D. S1 and S2 both are correct

By Dr. Barry Starr

42. Match List I with List II

List I-ProductList II-Species of origin
a. Shahtooti. Oryctologus cuniculus
b. Pashminaii. Pantholopes hadgsonii
c. Angoraiii. Capra hircus
d. Cottoniv. Gossypium hirsutum

Choose correct option from those given below:


Ans.- D

43. Match List I with List II

List I-List II-
a. Criminalisticsi. Application of forensic science to criminal matters
b. Physical evidenceii. A process which ensures the quality of a laboratory or facility
c. Corroborative evidenceiii. Evidence consisting of tangible materials
d. Accreditationiv. Evidence supporting testimonials or other physical evidence

Choose correct option from those given below:


Ans.- C

44. The modern breath alcohol instrument is based on technology of:

A. NMR spectroscopyB.  Infrared spectroscopy
C. Fluorescence spectroscopyD.  Emission spectroscopy

Ans.- B.  Infrared spectroscopy


Most of the breath-alcohol analyzers currently used for evidential purposes use infrared (IR) spectrometry as the analytical principle for quantitative analysis and identification of ethanol (Harding and Zettl, 2008).

45. Infrared spectra of paint sample without any preprocessing can be obtained by technique of:

A. Diamond anvil cell sampling FTIR

B. Cross force sampling FTIR

C. Flame force sampling FTIR

D. Cross flame force sampling FTIR

Ans.- A. Diamond anvil cell sampling FTIR

46. Vicat apparatus is used for analysis of cement to observe:

A. Compressive strengthB. Elemental composition
C. Standard consistencyD. texture

Ans.- C. Standard consistency


Vicat Apparatus determine consistency, time of set, and false set of hydraulic cement, mortar, and grout.

47. Which of the following pairs is not matched correctly?

A. Algor Mortis- Cooling of body

B. Putri Mortis – Putrefaction of body

C. Rigor Mortis – Stiffening of body

D. Livor Mortis – Bluish discoloration of body

Ans.- B. Putri Mortis – Putrefaction of body


The time difference between the time of death and the examination of the body is known as the Post Mortem Interval (PMI). There are 4 stages of PMI through which the body passes: Pallor Mortis, Algor Mortis, Rigor Mortis and Livor Mortis.

Pallor Mortis: The first change that occurs in a corpse is the increased paleness in the face and other parts.

Algor Mortis: After cessation of body functioning the dead body start to drop its temperature. this is also known as cooling of body.

Rigor Mortis: After a few hours the body starts to harden. The muscles will shrink and become stiff.

Livor Mortis: after about 36 hours Rigor mortis begins to disappear and Livor Mortis takes place which is also known as secondary flaccidity. in this stage blood collects in the lower part of body.

48. Sequence of process of arson is:

A. Open Combustion- Use of primary liquid-Ignition

B. Ignition- Open Combustion- Use of primary liquid

C. Open Combustion- Ignition- Use of primary liquid

D. Use of primary liquid- Open Combustion- Ignition

Ans.- D. Use of primary liquid- Open Combustion- Ignition

49. In handwriting comparison ‘t’ crossing ‘i’ and ‘j’ dots are considered as:

A. EmbellishmentsB. Diacritics
C. AbbreviationD. Miniscules

Ans.- B. Diacritics


A diacritic is a mark put above, below, through or on a letter.

50. Which of the following physiological parameters is not assessed in polygraph testing?

A. Blood pressureB. Lung air volume
C. Pulse rateD. Skin conductivity

Ans.- B. Lung air volume


The Polygraph test also know as lie detection test is a psycho-biological examination to check the legitimacy of a person’s statements with the help of computerized device known as a lie detector or polygraph. This instrument measures 6 different following types of autonomic physiological changes that are recorded in graph form. They are given following:
(i) Thoracic respiration
(ii) Abdominal respiration
(iii) Galvanic skin resistance
(iv) Blood pressure
(v) Movement or muscular pressure
(vi) Finger pulse

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