UGC NET Exam June 2019 Forensic Science Paper-2 Question Paper with Answer Key & Explanation

91. The firearm made by blacksmith by not adhering to any particular specializations or standard materials are known as:

A. ShotgunB. Carbines
C. Zip gunD. Assault rifles

Ans.- C. Zip gun

92. The writing, in which a person has made a deliberate attempt to remove or modify all or some of the writing habits is known as:

A. Disguised writing

B. Forged Writing

C. Contemporary writing

D. Guided hand signature

Ans.- A. Disguised writing


Disguised Writing: Disguised writing is any deliberate attempt to alter one’s handwriting to prevent recognition.

Contemporary Writing: The term contemporary writing refers to belonging to or being in the now.

Guided Hand Signatures: Guided signatures are signatures executed by a person with the help of a guided or assisted hand. these are often confused with forgery.

93. In ‘Gun Shot Wound’, scorching is caused by:

A. The deposition of smoke from close range by all types of propellants

B. The deposition of elements from bullet, primer composition and cartridge case

C. The flame or by hot gases from close range

D. The embedding of unburnt or partially burnt propellant grains from close range

Ans.- C. The flame or by hot gases from close range


Scorching/Charring / Burning/ Singeing: These are the effects of flame or hot gases produced in the combustion of propellants.

Blackening: The blackening is caused by the smoke deposits.

Tattooing: The tattooing is also known as peppering or stippling. It is the deposit of unburnt or semiburnt powder particles under the skin.

Dirt Ring or Projectile Wipe Ring: The dirt ring is deposited by some projectile around the wound.

Contusion: The edges of wound are contused by the impact of the projectile. The colour of contusion varies from reddish dark to bluish black.

Muzzle Impression: The annular skin impression against muzzle produced by the discharged gases or momentary cavity formation in contact and near contact gunshot wounds.

Blast Injury: This type of injury is generally observed in Shotguns and sometimes High Velocity Ammunitions.

Grazing shots: A grazing shot is one in which the bullet passes along the surface of the body without penetrating.

Abrasion Ring: Abrasion ring is characterized by reddish brown colored area of flattened and abraded skin (epidermis), which surrounded the entrance hole.

Superficial Perforating Wounds: These lesions occur through such lesions, in which ingress and exit occur simultaneously.

94. Which of the following are related to gait pattern?

i. Stride lengthii. Walking line
iii. Step lengthiv. Impact length
A. i, ii, ivB. i ,ii, iii
C. ii, iii, ivD. i, iii ,iv

Ans.- B. i ,ii, iii


Gait is a person’s manner of walking. Walking involves balance and coordination of muscles because of that body is pushed forward in a rhythm, which is known as the stride.

95. The source of sound energy for speech production in human is:

A. Nasal cavityB. Vocal cord
C. PharynxD. Larynx

Ans.- B. Vocal cord


Nasal Cavity: The nasal cavity is the uppermost part of the respiratory system and provides the nasal passages from the nasal to the nasopharynx and the respiratory air to the rest of the respiratory tract.

Vocal Cords: Vocal cords are elastic muscle tissues of two small bands in the larynx that vibrates to produce the voice.

Pharynx: Pharynx Also known as the throat, is the part of the digestive tract that carries the food from mouth to stomach.

Larynx: Larynx is the passageway for air between the pharynx above and the trachea below. It commonly called as voice box or glottis.

96. The correct sequence of process of chemical restoration of erased serial number on steel surface is:

A. PhotographyB. Grinding
C. PolishingD. Application of restoration reagent

Select the correct option:

A. i, ii, ii, iv,iB. i ,iii, iv, ii, ii
C. iv, iii, i, ii, iD. iii, ii, iii, ii, iv

Ans.- A. i, ii, ii, iv,i

97. Latent finger marks present on the victim’s skin can be developed by:

A. Fluorescent powder methodB. Ruthenium tetroxide method
C. Small Particle Reagent (SPR) methodD. Cyanoacrylate fuming method

Ans.- D. Cyanoacrylate fuming method

98. Multiplication factor for stature from femur is:

A. 3.6B. 4.4
C. 5.8D. 6.4

Ans.- A. 3.6

99. A tyre track impression in the snow can be classified as:

A. 3-D markB. Indentation mark
C. A positive impression markD. Both A and B

Ans.- D. Both A and B

100. The solid absorbent used in modified clean –up method are:

A. Alumina and zinc silicateB. Alumina and silver nitrate
C. Alumina and silicaD. Alumina and sodium carbonate

Ans. B. Alumina and silver nitrate

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