UGC NET Exam June 2019 Forensic Science Paper-2 Question Paper with Answer Key & Explanation

21. The length of Amelogenin Locus in X-Chromosome is:

A. 106 bpB.  110 bp
C. 112 bpD.  114 bp

Ans.- A. 106 bp


The X- and Y-specific AMEL genes are 106 and 112 base pairs (bp) in length.

22. Statement 1 (S1):- Secondary explosive are reasonably insensitive to initiation.

Statement 2 (S2):-Secondary explosives require stronger energy to get detonated

Choose the correct answer:

A. Both are correctB.  S1 correct, S2 incorrect
C. S1 incorrect, S2 correctD.  Both are incorrect

Ans.- A. Both are correct


Secondary explosives do not easily detonate, do not readily initiate electrostatic, and require large shocks to explode. They include nitrocellulose, PETN, and desensitized nitroglycerine.

23. Soil sample when moistened with few drops of water and Conc. HCl gives yellow colour due to presence of:

A.     LimeB.      Iron.
C.     ZincD.      Aluminium

Ans.- B. Iron.

24. The possible ‘Multiple Enzyme System’ (MES) among the following is:


Ans.- A. PGM, ESD, GLO

25. The correct order of steps involved in ‘Polymerase chain Reaction’ (PCR) is:

A. Annealing, Denaturation, ElongationB.  Denaturation, Elongation, Annealing
C.  Elongation, Denaturation, AnnealingD.  Denaturation, Annealing, Elongation

Ans.- D.  Denaturation, Annealing, Elongation


Polymerase chain reaction consists of the three steps:

Denaturation- The two DNA strands of template DNA separate from each other when heated to 92℃.

Annealing- The primers anneal to the 3’ end of single strands of DNA.

Elongation- The primers are extended by DNA polymerase by the addition of nucleotides to form complete strands of DNA.

26. ‘Proof’ in alcoholic drinks is:

A. Equal to the percentage of alcohol contents

B. 12/13 parts of alcohol percentage

C. Twice the percentage of alcohol contents

D. 8% of alcoholic percentage

Ans.- C. Twice the percentage of alcohol contents


“Proof” is a two-fold liquor directly by volume.

27. Work of first responding officer at crime scene is/are:

i. Medical assistance to victim

ii. To take in custody to suspect at or nearby crime scene

iii. Protection of crime scene

iv. Collection of evidences from crime scene Chose the correct combination

A. i and iiB.  ii and iv
C. i, ii, and iiiD.  i, iii, iv

Ans.- C. i, ii, and iii

28. Which one of the following is an ionization source for GC-MS:

A. Atmospheric Pressure photo ionization (APPI)

B. Atmospheric Pressure Chemical ionization (APCI)

C. Electron Impact Ionization (EIO)

D. Electron Spray Ionization (ESI)

Ans.- C. Electron Impact Ionization (EIO)

29. Identify the correct order, in which various components of X-ray diffractometer are placed:

A. X-ray generating equipment, Collimators, Analyzing crystal, Filters, Detector

B.X-ray generating equipment, Collimators, Filters , Analyzing crystal, Detector

C. X-ray generating equipment, Filters , Analyzing crystal, Collimators, Detector

D. X-ray generating equipment, Analyzing crystal, Filters , Collimators, Detector

Ans.- D. X-ray generating equipment, Analyzing crystal, Filters, Collimators, Detector.

30. Statement 1 (S1):- Walker’s test gives pink colour on the swab collected from area suspected to have firearm residue:

Statement 2 (S2):- The pink colour is due to presence of ‘Nitrite’ is the firearm discharge residue

Choose the correct answer:

A. S1 is correct, S2 is wrongB.  Both are Correct
C. S1 wrong, S2 correctD.  Both wrong

Ans.- B.  Both are Correct


This is used for the detection of nitrites in the partially burnt and unburnt propellants. In this test Appearance of pink or bright red colour indicates the presence of nitrite compounds.

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