Forensic Science – Multiple Choice Questions (Fingerprint)

By @forensicfield

I.) Who first explained the Friction Ridge Skin Pattern with drawings:-

1.) Sir Francis Galton
2.) J.C.A. Mayer
3.) Henry Faulds
4.) William Herschel

II.) “Life on the Mississippi” is wrote by:-

1.) Mark Twain
2.) Thompson
3.) Henry Faulds
4.) J.C.A. Mayer

III.) First case of identical twins with no resemblance in their Fingerprints:-

1.) William & Will West
2.) William & Windy Wells
3.) Mark & Monty Wells
4.) William & William Wells

IV.) Ridge ending, Bifurcation, Eye, Triangle, etc. are the terminologies used for:-

1.) Class Characteristics of Fingerprint
2.) Individual Characteristics of Fingerprint
3.) Fingerprint
4.) Galton Classification

V.) Fingerprints on plastic metal, glass and skin can be placed in a developing jar with this chemical that reacts with amino acids to make the print appear white.

1.) Silver nitrate
2.) Ninhydrin
3.) Iodine fuming
4.) Cyanoacrylate

VI.) The skin layer between the epidermis and dermis is the _________ layer.

1.) Cuticle
2.) Subcutaneous
3.) Basal
4.) Top

VII.) Sweat glands near the hair follicle:

1.) Apocrine
2.) Friction ridges
3.) Touch receptor
4.) Eccrine

VIII.) How many Biological Principle followed by Fingerprints:-

1.) 5
2.) 7
3.) 1
4.) 3

IX.) Fingerprint Left by the offender at the SoC is known as:-

1.) Patent Prints
2.) Chance Prints
3.) Plastic Prints
4.) Latent Prints

X.) Fingerprints used since centuries as ________ for protection if documents and Identification of Individual:-

1.) Signature
2.) Tradition
3.) Fingerprints
4.) Symbol



I.) 2.) J.C.A. Mayer

Explanation- German Doctor and anatomist Book:
• First to write that friction ridge skin was unique
• Book contained detailed drawings of friction ridge skin

II.) 1.) Mark Twain

Explanation- The first American writer to use fingerprints in solving crime was the famous Mark Twain in his perhaps-embellished memoir about life as a steamboat pilot, titled Life on the Mississippi, published in 1883.

III.) 1.) William & Will West

Explanation – They looked identical and even shared the same name, but the two prisoners pictured were actually different people and their remarkable case helped bring in the era of fingerprint identification.

IV.) 2.) Individual Characteristics of Fingerprint

V.) 4.) Cyanoacrylate

Explanation – Cyanoacrylate fuming is a method which is used to develop latent fingerprints. Cyanoacrylate fuming is performed in a developing chamber using super glue and water which allows the vapors to adhere to the fingerprint, The reaction forms a visible white polymer along the ridges of the fingerprint.

VI.) 3.) Basal Layer

Explanation – The basal layer is the innermost layer of the epidermis, and contains small round cells called basal cells.

VII.) 1.) Apocrine

Explanation – The sweat glands which is associated with hair follicles.

VIII.) 4.) 3

IX.) 2.) Chance Prints

Explanation – Chance prints which is also known as latent fingerprints, are the invisible patterns made by fingerprints.

X.) 1.) Signature

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