Forensic MCQs

1. Which theory has not been explored as a possible explanation of the crime of rape
a.    Biological Theory
b.    Evolutionary Theory
c.    Social Learning Theory
d.    Feature Integration Theory

2. Courts may call upon expert witnesses to provide information including:
a.    Personal opinion;
b.    Recognized knowledge and/or experience in a particular field;
c.    General knowledge about a particular topic;
d.    Previous testimony about unrelated cases.

3. Methods of execution via Death Penalty have historically included:
a.    Electrocution;
b.    Impaling;
c.    Crucifixion;
d.    All of the above.

4. Serial killers found in health care professions are often referred to in lay terms as
a.    Angels of Mercy
b.    Angels of Death
c.    Angels of Apocalypse
d.    Angels of Euthanasia

5. Post’s (1984) analysis suggests that people who become active terrorists are
a.    Displacing hostility due to early abuse of themselves or their family
b.    Displacing hostility due to abuse of their national state
c.    Abusing authority due to a displaced loyalty
d.    Abusing the state due to displaced authority

6. The legal age of consent can vary substantially by
a.    Country
b.    Personal opinion
c.    Voir Dire
d.    Puberty

7. Which is a type of child sex offender?
a.    Regressed offender
b.    Sadistic offender
c.    Fixated offender
d.    All of the above

8. One significant problem with fire is that it is self-perpetuating providing there is sufficient
a.    Oxygen
b.    Oxygen and fuel
c.    Oxygen and wood
d.    Fuel and space

9. Which of the following is not a possible motive for arson
a.    Insurance fraud
b.    Crime concealment
c.    Revenge
d.    Accident

10. Which of the following is not a disorder associated with fire or firesetting
a.    Pyromania
b.    Pyrotechnic
c.    Pyrophilia
d.    Pyrolagnia

11. Extortion means
a.    Armed robbery where no shots are fired
b.    Breaking and entering with intent to steal
c.    Obtaining money through coercion
d.    Obtaining money through threat of exposure

12. The term white collar crime was coined by whom?
a.    Sutherland
b.    Durham
c.    Sunderland
d.    Ponzi

13. White collar crime does not include 
a.    Embezzlement
b.    Extortion
c.    Tax evasion
d.    Fraud

14. Types of postal  fraud include all except
a.    Phishing
b.    Spoofing
c.    Spamming
d.    Canvassing

15. Fraud can be detected by
a.    Forensic science
b.    Forensic accounting
c.    Forensic bookkeeping
d.    Forensic economics

16. The FBI classification system is rarely applied to what type of crime?
a.    Serial murder
b.    Serial rape
c.    Theft
d.    Kidnapping

17. Which scientist is responsible for the application of scientific methods and logic to crime investigation
a.    Luke Picard
b.    Edmond Locard
c.    Bernard Spilsbury
d.    Juan Vucetich

18. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is also known as:
a.    PMS;
b.    PMT;
c.    PTSD;
d.    PPI-R.

19. MRI techniques are said to ‘excite’ which molecule of the body?
a.    Helium;
b.    Iron;
c.    Hydrogen;
d.    Oxygen.

20. The adversarial type of legal system includes:
a.    Trial by questions;
b.    Trial by jury;
c.    Trial by tribunal;
d.    Trial by inquisition.


1.    D

2.   B

3.   D

4.   B

5.   A

6.   A

7.    D

8.    B

9.   D

10.  B

11.   C

12.  A

13.  B

14.  D

15.  B

16.  C

17.  B

18.  C

19.  C

20. B

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