Passage related MCQ

Read the paragraph and answer the objective questions given at the end of it:

In summer a decomposed unidentified dead body was found floating in a river. The postmortem examination revealed the presence of weeds in the hand of the deceased. The internal examination of deceased body showed the presence of froth in trachea and diatoms in the lungs.

1. The floating of dead body shows that the death was caused:

A.) Within 4 hours

B.) 4 to 13 hours

C.) 12 to 24 hours

D.) More than 3-4 days

2. The presence of _____ will ascertain that it is an antemortem drowning:

A.) Weed in hands

B.) Diatoms in lungs

C.) Froth in trachea

D.) All of the above

3. The identification of dead body can be done by:

A.) Putrefied body

B.) Place of occurrence

C.) Laundry and tailor marks on clothes

D.) None of the above

4. The fingerprint of the deceased can be obtained by:

A.) Visual Examination

B.) Infrared Photography

C.) X-Ray Photography

D.) UV Photography

Answers : 1. C 2. D 3. C 4. A

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