2013 September UGC NET Solved Question Paper in Forensic Science (Paper 3 )

61. Inkjet printer printing can be recognized by:
(A) Concentrating droplets
(B) Satellite droplets
(C) Central droplets
(D) Lateral droplets
Answer: (B) Satellite droplets

62. The final purple coloured compound produced during the development of latent fingerprints with ninhydrin is known as ________.
(A) Rutherford purple
(B) Ruheman’s purple
(C) Reinberg purple
(D) Jaffery’s principle
Answer: (B) Ruheman’s purple

63. Anthropometry is an identification system which is also known as ________
(A) Bertillonage
(B) Ridgeology
(C) Poroscopy
(D) Edgeoscopy
Answer: (A) Bertillonage

64. Micturition syncope is a condition which occurs due to heavy consumption of:
(A) Aluminium phosphide
(B) Beer
(C) Opium
(D) Endrin
Answer: (B) Beer

65. Which of these markers is present in seminal plasma?
(A) Peptidase A
(B) Peptidase C
(C) Peptidase D
(D) Transferrin
Answer: (A) Peptidase A

66. In Kastle-Mayer test, which of the following reagents are used?
(A) Benzidine
(B) Phenolphthalein
(C) O-toulidine
(D) Luminol
Answer: (B) Phenolphthalein

67. Takayama’s test for confirming blood is based on :
(A) Haemin crystal formation
(B) Haemochromogen crystal formation
(C) Ferric sulphate crystal formation
(D) Globulin crystal formation
Answer: (B) Haemochromogen crystal formation

68. Which of the following test is used to determine whether the blood belongs to human or animal?
(A) Benzidine test
(B) Phenolphthalein test
(C) Precipitin test
(D) O-toulidine test
Answer: (C) Precipitin test

69. Anti-H lectin, is prepared from
(A) Dolichos biflorus seeds
(B) Semecarpus anacardium seeds
(C) Ulex europaeus seeds
(D) Ricinus communis seeds
Answer: (C) Ulex europaeus seeds

70. The person having ‘Bombay Blood Group’ has the following in his red blood cells:
(A) ABH antigens
(B) HLA antigens
(C) mt DNA
(D) Myoglobin
Answer: (C) mt DNA

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