2013 September UGC NET Solved Question Paper in Forensic Science (Paper 3 )

31. Which of the following is not a psychiatric disorder?
(A) Delusion
(B) Dementia
(C) Diplopia
(D) Hallucination
Answer: (C) Diplopia

32. Foamy liver is seen in:
(A) Alcohol poisoning
(B) Phosphorous poisoning
(C) Drowning
(D) Putrefaction
Answer: (D) Putrefaction

33. The time limit for exhumation in India is:
(A) 2 years
(B) 5 years
(C) 10 years
(D) No time limit
Answer: (D) No time limit

34. The earliest putrefactive colour changes after death is noticed over:
(A) Cubital fossa
(B) Left iliac fossa
(C) Right iliac fossa
(D) Popliteal fossa
Answer: (C) Right iliac fossa

35. Which of the following is a feature in antemortem hanging?
(A) Fracture of hyoid bone
(B) Ligature mark around neck
(C) Protrusion of tongue
(D) Salivary dribbling
Answer: (D) Salivary dribbling

36. Singeing of hair around a wound of entry is seen at which range?
(A) Contact
(B) Close range
(C) Intermediate range
(D) Long range
Answer: (B) Close range

37. Match the various sections of Forensic Science Lab with the physical evidence they are examining:
(a) Chemistry i. Ricochet bullet
(b) Physics ii. Insecticides
(c) Toxicology iii. Ink
(d) Ballistics iv. Skid marks
(a) (b) (c) (d)
(A) iii i ii iv
(B) ii iv iii i
(C) i iv ii iii
(D) iii iv ii i
Answer: (D) iii iv ii i

38. Flaying of the skin is associated with which of the following wounds?
(A) Avulsed laceration
(B) Grazed abrasion
(C) Patterned laceration
(D) Stretch laceration
Answer: (A) Avulsed laceration

39. The identification of shot gun is possible when the fired cartridge contains
(A) A shots
(B) B shots
(C) Buck Shots
(D) SSG shots
Answer: (C) Buck Shots

40. Which of the following sutures of the skull are the first to fuse?
(A) Coronal
(B) Lambdoid
(C) Metopic
(D) Sagittal
Answer: (C) Metopic

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