2013 September UGC NET Solved Question Paper in Forensic Science (Paper 3 )

51. Wads are found in the cartridge of the following firearms:
(A) Rifles
(B) Revolvers
(C) Airgun
(D) Shotgun
Answer: (D) Shotgun

52. The drug metabolizes in the liver through oxidation, dealkylation and conjugation and the main form of conjugation is with :
(A) Glucoronic acid
(B) Sulphuric acid
(C) Glacial acetic acid
(D) Hydrochloric acid
Answer: (A) Glucoronic acid

53. Vesication test is done to confirm the identification of following poison:
(A) Markingnut (Semicarpus Anacardium)
(B) Dhatura
(C) Crotontiglium
(D) Hashish
Answer: (A) Markingnut (Semicarpus Anacardium)

54. The magnified effects from the combination of drugs is called :
(A) Tolerance
(B) Dependence
(C) Synergism
(D) Reverse tolerance
Answer: (C) Synergism

55. The average elimination or ‘burn-off’ rate of alcohol is approximately
(A) 0.5% w/v per hr.
(B) 0.15% w/v per hr.
(C) 0.015% w/v per hr.
(D) 0.05% w/v per hr.
Answer: (B) 0.15% w/v per hr

56. Babinski toe sign occurs in which of these drugs?
(A) Benzodiazepines
(B) Methamphetamine
(C) Chloral hydrate
(D) Barbiturates
Answer: (D) Barbiturates

57. Which of the following teeth are superadded permanent teeth in jaw of an adult?
(A) Incisors
(B) Canines
(C) Bicuspids
(D) Molars
Answer: (D) Molars

58. Ten fingerprints classification system is also known as :
(A) Fauld’s system
(B) Bertillon’s system
(C) Henry’s system
(D) Galton’s system
Answer: (C) Henry’s system

59. Which of the following is not classified as Hallucinogen?
(A) Methaqualone
(B) Psilocybin
(C) Marijuana
(D) Mescaline
Answer: (A) Methaqualone

60. Daizy wheel is a type of:
(A) Paper feeding system used in printers
(B) Key board system used in printers
(C) Rolling system used in typewriters
(D) Font system used in electronic typewriters
Answer: (B) Key board system used in printers

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