2013 September UGC NET Solved Question Paper Forensic Science (Paper 2)

11. Intersex means

(A) Intermingling of sexual traits in a person

(B) Determination of fetal sex

(C) Female homosexuality

(D) Sodomy

Answer: (A)

12. The diameter of LG shot is

(A) 9.14 mm

(B) 8.43 mm

(C) 6.83 mm

(D) 5.16 mm

Answer: (A)

13. Derringers are single shot pistols, which possess

(A) Single barrel

(B) Multiple barrels

(C) Choke in the barrel

(D) Magazine

Answer: (B)

Answer: (B)

15. In the firing mechanism of firearm trombone action is also called as

(a) Pump action

(b) Lever action

(c) Bolt action

(d) Slide action


(A) (a) and (b) are correct

(B) (a) and (c) are correct

(C) (b) and (d) are correct

(D) (a) and (d) are correct

Answer: (D)

16. The probable time of last fire from a firearm can be determined by

(A) Dispersion of pellets

(B) Fouling

(C) Trajectory of projectile

(D) Muzzle velocity of projectile

Answer: (B)

17. Assertion (A): In Absorption-Inhibition method, specificabsorption is allowed to proceed by placing antigenic material in contact with its homologous antibody.

Reason (R): This absorption renders the serum less potent, and the inhibition of its activity is measured.


(A) (A) is correct but (R) is incorrect.

(B) (A) is incorrect but (R) is correct.

(C) Both (A) and (R) are correct.

(D) Both (A) and (R) are incorrect.

Answer: (C)

18. The major metabolite of benzodiazepines is

(A) Benzoylecgonine

(B) Oxymorphone

(C) THC-acid

(D) Desmethyldiazepam

Answer: (D)

19. The presence of BHC is established by separation of its constituents by


(B) Northern blotting

(C) Chromatography

(D) Southern blotting

Answer: (C)

20. Ester test is done for the identification of which of the following poisons?

(A) Dhatura

(B) Opium

(C) Calatropis

(D) Abrus

Answer: (C)

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