How To Get Job In Forensic Field (CFSL or CBI)

As the world evolves over time, the crime rate is also increasing. If we look back then we will realize that how many cases gone cold because of less knowledge and techniques to collect, store and analyze evidence. With passing years many scientists and experts come up with their ideas, researches and technologies which made work of law enforcement easier. But still our society is neither been crime free nor every crime is possible to solve due to less strength of Scientific knowledge and expertise of forensic scientist and experts.

Time to time vacancies of government and private organizations are coming but not according to the space they have or they should recruit. Still, we can hope that it all mend soon and everyone is able to live fearlessly. And where is hope there is a way means not for now but in future we can think of lots of vacancies and recruitment but hey hey no promise ha;).

Now I am going to discuss about getting job CBI & Forensic Department but we must first understand what is Forensic Science & what are the responsibilities of a forensic scientist.

What is Forensic Science?

Meaning : Latin term “forēnsis“. Meaning – “of or before the forum“.

Definition: Forensic Science is not a subject. It is an application of all scientific methods, techniques and theories that you may be or may not be aware of, which are used to help the law and the judiciary.

A Forensic Scientist may work privately as an expert or scientist according to their knowledge and qualifications.

Forensic scientist’s may work in Government Organizations and Private Departments like the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) & Intelligence Bureau (IB), Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL), different law enforcement agencies and investigation departments such as police, investigative services of state and central government.
Forensic scientist helps in criminal investigations by performing the following duties and work:

  • Collection, identification and analysis of physical evidence related to a crime scene or suspect.
  • Collection of data, photographs, and pieces of evidence like blood smear, fingerprints, bullets.
  • Examination and Test of Evidences With detailed analysis.
  • They prepare records for each case.
  • They also go to crime scene and try to reconstruct crime scene.
  • They also called by the court to provide their expertise on some points related to case.

How to become a Forensic Scientist?

Step 1: Complete Class 12 with basic science or math.

Step 2: Complete Graduation with science/math/Forensic Science/Biotechnology/engineering/pharmacy (or according to college or recruiters) (example of science subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Microbiology, Zoology, Applied Sciences or Physiology).

Step 3: Post Graduation is not compulsory but definitely have it’s advantages in everywhere so don’t look down for it.

Go to These links for more information of Eligibility and Admission in Forensic science.

Step 4: IF you are a forensic student then go for training in FSL and CFSL minimum for 6 month (Ask your Department HOD for the permission and more information)

Now you are going to explore what you want to do in this field. If you wanna be a teacher than you have to complete your masters in forensic Science and clear NET/JRF examination in same or you may need to gain some certification for your resume and knowledge enhancement specially if you want to go in Forensic Genetics, Crime scene Photography or Cyber Forensic.

Sometimes Ph.D. or Doctorate degree is also required. (Depends on Recruiters). Every department operating with Forensic Science may have their own requirements for selection.

Let’s talk about CFSL/FSL recruitment procedure but first know about these.

What is CFSL Full Form?

The Full Form of CFSL is Central Forensic Science Laboratory.

The Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) comes under Indian Ministry of Home Affairs. It analyse and examine forensic evidence and provide expert opinion whenever asked by court in India.

There are Total Seven Central Forensic Science Laboratories in the India:

  1. Hyderabad,
  2. Kolkata,
  3. Chandigarh,
  4. New Delhi,
  5. Guwahati,
  6. Bhopal, and,
  7. Pune.

These laboratories are under the control of the Directorate of Forensic Science Services(DFSS).

The CFSL in New Delhi is under the control of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and investigates cases on behalf of CBI.

Central Forensic Science Laboratory recruitment offers great career opportunities for several posts such as Senior Scientific Officer, Junior Scientific Officer, Lab Assistant, Senior Lab Assistant, Hindi Translator, Assistant, Stenographer, Upper Division Clerk (UDC), Assistant Director (Cost), Assistant Director (Physics), Junior Staff Officer, Superintending Mining Geologist, Associate Town and Country Planner, etc.

How to apply for Central Forensic Science Laboratory or State Forensic Science Laboratory or Central Bureau of Investigation?


How can I join in Central Forensic Science Laboratory or State Forensic Science Laboratory or Central Bureau of Investigation?


What is the Selection Procedure for Central Forensic Science Laboratory or State Forensic Science Laboratory or Central Bureau of Investigation?

The answer for above questions is Candidates can apply for any of the organizations from the official link provided when recruitment notification will be notified or visit the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) official website whenever notification for vacancies issued. The step wise procedure to apply for the posts will be mentioned in notification.

There are few steps you have to follow :

First- Candidates should check the official notification released by Central Forensic Science Laboratory, State Forensic Science Laboratory or Central Bureau of Investigation.

Second– Candidates should check the eligibility criteria given in the official notification.

Third– Candidates should apply only when they meet the eligibility criteria.

Fourth– After applying wait for the further notification from the recruiters if everything is right in your form then you have to appera for the exam.(It may be written or may be interview or may be both)

Finally- After getting qualified in all selection process candidates can join for the post.

Best of Luck.

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