How to become a Forensic Scientist?

If you want to become a forensic scientist then you have to know the eligibility, qualification details and work of forensic scientist.

Here we are going to discuss step by step procedure to become forensic scientist.

Step 1: Complete Class 12 with basic science or math.

Step 2: Complete Graduation with science/math/Forensic Science/Biotechnology/engineering/pharmacy (or according to college or recruiters) (example of science subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Microbiology, Zoology, Applied Sciences or Physiology).

Step 3: Post Graduation is not compulsory but definitely have it’s advantages in everywhere so don’t look down for it.

Go to These links for more information of Eligibility and Admission in Forensic science.

Step 4: IF you are a forensic student then go for training in FSL and CFSL minimum for 6 month (Ask your Department HOD for the permission)

Now you are going to explore what you want to do in this field. If you wanna be a teacher than you have to complete your masters in forensic Science and clear NET/JRF examination in same or you may need to gain some certification for your resume and knowledge enhancement specially if you want to go in Forensic Genetics, Crime scene Photography or Cyber Forensic.

Sometimes Ph.D. or Doctorate degree is also required. (Depends on Recruiters). Every department operating with Forensic Science may have their own requirements for selection.

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