Forensic Jobs

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FACT & FACT Plus Notification – 2022

How to become Forensic Document Examiner?

group of colleagues from police working at crime scene

How to become Crime Scene Investigator?

How to become Forensic Pathologist?

How to become Forensic Handwriting Examiner?

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How to become Forensic Psychologist?

Recruitment in Punjab Police

187 vacancies have been notified by Punjab Police for Forensic Aspirants.

Appointment of the Scientific Officers in Kerala FSL

Last Date:16/12/2020

No. of Posts: Unknown

Post Type: Contractual Basis

How To Get Job In Forensic Field (CFSL or CBI)

Recruitment in FSL, Andhra Pradesh

57 vacancies have been notified by Forensic Science Laboratory.

57 Posts for Scientific Assistants in Physical, Chemical and Biology/Serology in Andhra Pradesh Forensic Science Laboratory

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