2013 December UGC NET Solved Question Paper Forensic Science (Paper 2)

41. When two sets of writings / signatures are exactly superimposing upon each other, that means

(A) one of the sets is result of disguise

(B) one of the sets is result of simulated forgery

(C) one of the sets is result of traced forgery

(D) one of the sets is result of free hand forgery

Answer: (C)

42. Magnetic powders contain which of the following as one of the constituents?

(A) Copper particles

(B) Silver particles

(C) Gold particles

(D) Iron particles

Answer: (D)

43. Kromekote paper method is used in the following:

(A) determining sequence of intersecting strokes

(B) deciphering indented writings

(C) deciphering invisible writings

(D) deciphering erased writings

Answer: (A)

44. The study of fingerprints is also known as

(A) Anthropometry

(B) Dermatology

(C) Dermatoglyphics

(D) Ergonomics

Answer: (C)

45. Preliminary observations of the pooling of blood at the lowest part of the body caused by gravity is

(A) Rigor mortis

(B) Livor mortis

(C) Algor mortis

(D) All of the above

Answer: (B)

46. The causes of death in drowning are, except

(A) Gagging

(B) Asphyxia

(C) Ventricular fibriltation

(D) Laryngeal spasm

Answer: (A)

47. Match the following:

List IList II
(A) Kleptomaniai.) Irresistible desire to alcoholic drinks
(B) Pyromaniaii.) Irresistible desire to mutilate animals
(C) Dispomaniaiii.) Irresistible desire to steal articles of little value
(D) Mutilomaniaiv.) Irresistible desire to set fire to things



Answer: (D)

48. In simple microscope if focal length of lens is 1 cm, then magnification power lies at

(A) 25 – 26

(B) 30 – 35

(C) 40 – 45

(D) 50 – 55

Answer: (A)

49. Haase rule related to fetus is employed for the determination of:

(A) Weight of fetus

(B) Age of fetus

(C) Height of fetus

(D) Sex of fetus

Answer: (B)

50. Sexual perversion includes following except

(A) Sadism

(B) Rape

(C) Masochism

(D) Felichism

Answer: (B)

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