How to become Forensic Psychologist?

Who is Forensic Psychologist?

A licensed clinical psychologist who applies his/her knowledge to legal matters is known as forensic psychologist.

What is Forensic Psychology?

Forensic psychology is the study of clinical psychology in legal situations. It is also study of relationship between human psychology and criminal justice system.

Work of Forensic Psychologist

✔ To assist in understanding the behaviour of criminals, victims, and witnesses

✔ to provide a brief profile of the offender.

✔ They also appear in court for evaluation and testimony..

✔ They estimate the probability of re – offending.

✔ Advise police officials on mental illness and criminal psychology

✔ Counseling for trauma survivors

✔ Design Correctional program

How to become Forensic Psychologist?

The first thing you should know about it that it’s an entry level position so you need to have experience in law enforcement & Counselling.

Note: Entry Requirement may vary between police forces, Forensic science Laboratories, Government or private employer.

(You can check the eligibility by downloading any old recruitment advertisement of particular place or a random one)

Here, I am going to discuss common eligibility and requirement one should have to become Forensic Psychologist step by step:

Step 1: Complete your starting education in Any Stream. (which does not exclude you from studying psychology in the future)

Step 2: Obtain Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology

Step 3: Obtain you master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology

Step 4: Complete your Doctorate/PhD in Clinical Psychology.

Step 5: Become licensed

Required Skills:

Excellent Analytical Skill

✔ Excellent Communication Skill

✔ Observation

✔ Capable of adapting to scientific methodologies

✔ Focused and Attentive

✔ Empathy

✔ Unprejudiced and Open-minded

Career in Forensic Psychology:



►Work in hospital

►Independent Counselor in police department


  • Around $70,000
  • Around 3.5 lakh in India

(Note: This is just an average salary, it may be different according to locations and recruiter)

How to gain Experience as a Psychologist?

Either work as an Independent Counselor, an Intern, or find a position as a fresher.

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