Strategy to Crack NET/JRF Exam in First Attempt

► Make great efforts to understand the syllabus of Paper I and Paper II both.

► Set a goal for yourself.

► Paper-I must not be ignored.

► Make a note of your strong and weak points, and then start preparing.

► Remain focused. Take a look at the questions from past years before starting the chapter.

► After you’ve finished reading the topic, try the quizzes related to that topic. It will give you a sense of your level of preparedness.

► Develop time management skills in order to finish the paper on time.

► During study sessions, take periodic breaks. Do not use social media it will consume your time.

► Mediation is the most effective way to relieve stress. Try to do it for 5 to 15 minutes regularly.

► Always take mock test to evaluate yourself.

► Examine the newspaper. It will aid in keeping up with the most recent data and reports. It will also aid in the development of vocabulary and reading speed, which will aid in understanding.

► Do not overburden oneself with study materials.

► Revision is the only way to keep things in mind. If you do not revise on a regular basis, you will be unable to recollect the concepts and information later.

► Always keep these things in mind: don’t waste your time, read until you comprehend it, and don’t waste time on topics you don’t understand.

Important Note: If you are unable to qualify at this time, there will be another opportunity. Don’t worry, be optimistic and remember that everyone has their own path to success in life, so don’t compare yourself to others’ achievement. Work hard, and you will increase your worth in your eyes. Consider how much time you are wasting and try to control it. And never forget that everything has a time, so play your part and believe in yourself.

Best Wishes (Not only for this exam but for your better life.)

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