How to become Forensic Document Examiner?

Who is Questioned Document Examiner?

Forensic Document Examiner Analyze and examine documentary evidence or Questioned Documents.

Document examiners conduct questioned document analysis, which involves handwriting examination and study of various other aspects of the questioned document.

Document examiners go by a variety of names. Forensic Document Examiner, Handwriting Expert, Document Expert, Forensic Handwriting Expert, Handwriting Examiner, or Forgery Expert, are some other names for them.

What is Questioned document?

Questioned document means “Document which origin or authenticity is in question.”

Where Questioned Document Examiners work?

Certified forensic document examiners are associated in government, law enforcement, and the judiciary system.

Work of Forensic Document Examiner:

When working for the police or a lawyer, their primary job generally comprises giving written or verbal testimony on the legitimacy of documents. They do following:

1.) Examine Signatures for authenticity.

2.) Examine Handwriting for forgery and authenticity.

3.) Examine, whether the document is printed commercially or is a photocopy.

4.) Examine Invisible, Indentation and altered writing.

5.) Burnt Document Examinations.

6.) Ink Examination

7.) Currency Examination, etc.

How to become Forensic Document Examiner?

Here, I am going to discuss common eligibility and requirement one should have to become Forensic Document Examiner step by step:

Step 1 : Complete your starting education in Science Stream.

Step 2: Complete your graduation with chemistry / forensic science

Step 3: Higher Qualification in relevant field would advance your career. (Chemistry / forensic Science must be included)

Note: Requirement may vary between police forces, Forensic science Laboratories, Government or private employer.

(You can check the eligibility by downloading any old recruitment advertisement of particular place or a random one)

Required Skill:

√ Problem Solving

√ Focused

√ Self-Motivated

√ Sharp Minded

√ Great Eye

√ Analytical Mind

√ Adaptable to new techniques and methods

√ Hardworking

√ Patient

√ Excellent Knowledge


Around $60,000 in US

Around 3.5 lakh in India

(Note: This is just an average salary, it may be different according to locations and recruiter)

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