How to become Forensic Pathologist?

Who is Forensic Pathologist?

Forensic Pathologist is a pathologist who has specialised knowledge and experience to determine the cause of death, injury and wound of a person/animal. They also known as Medical Examiner.

Forensic Pathologist investigate injuries and deaths caused by homicide, suicide, or unintentional violence, as well as deaths of people who died while unattended by a physician or from a lethal disease or death in any suspicious circumstances.

What is Forensic Pathology?

Forensic pathology is a branch of forensic science that involves the use of pathological methods in the examination of corpse to determine the cause of deaths that are unexpected, suspicious, or inexplicable.

Where Forensic Pathologist work?

Forensic pathologists are typically employed by medical examiner or coroner offices in cities, countries, or states, as well as hospitals, universities, and federal government agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Armed Forces Medical Examiner.

Work of Forensic Pathologists:

✅ Body autopsies and post-mortem examination.

✅ Examination to determine the circumstances surrounding the deceased death.

✅ Gathering evidence that can be utilised in proceedings. Examples include; wounds, injuries, the presence of poisons in tissues or physiological fluids, defensive marks, and so on.

✅ Collecting Specimens for further analysis.

✅ Validate the identify of a body or obtain information that is helpful in determining the identity of the deceased, such as taking a DNA sample and fingerprints.

✅ Inquiry into unnatural and unexpected deaths

✅ To provide testimony in court concerning their findings.

How to become Forensic Pathologists?

Only Pathologist can work as forensic pathologists. They are often medical doctors who have finished anatomical pathology before specialising in forensic pathology.

Here, I am going to discuss common eligibility and requirement one should have to become Forensic Pathologist step by step:

Step 1 : Basic Education must be in Science background with Biology/ Zoology.

Step 2: Complete your graduation with Biology/Zoology.


Equivalent degree for Medical Examination / B.Sc. Pathology.


MBBS Degree

Step 3: Diploma/M.Sc. in Clinical Pathology or MD in pathology.

Step 4: Necessary License to practice as a Pathologist across the medical establishment.

Note: Requirement may vary between police forces, Forensic science Laboratories, Government or private employer.

(You can check the eligibility by downloading any old recruitment advertisement of particular place or a random one)

Required Skill:

✔ Flexible to worktime

✔ Focused and Attentive

✔ Self-Motivated

✔ Sharp Minded

✔ Great Eye

✔ Analytical Mind

✔ Adaptable to new techniques and methods

✔ Hardworking

✔ Patient

✔ Excellent Knowledge

✔ Strong will power

✔ Researcher


💵 4 lakh to 26 Lakh in India

💵 $72,000 to $400,000

(Note: This is just an average salary, it may be different according to experience, locations and recruiter)

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