How to become Crime Scene Investigator?

Who is Crime Scene Investigator?

Crime Scene Investigator are those who investigate crime scene and are responsible for discovering, documenting and preserving all types of evidences that help in legal proceedings and conviction or exoneration of suspect.

Crime Scene Investigator is employed to help police officials to gathered forensic evidences.

What is Crime Scene Investigation?

A scene where crime is committed is known as Crime Scene and when Crime Scene is processed for clue, evidences and any types of information related to crime is known as crime scene investigation.

Work of Crime Scene Investigator

√ To secure the Crime Scene

√ Measuring the Crime Scene to establish a restricted perimeter

√ Locate, Identify, Preserve and Collect Evidences

√ Recording the Crime Scene

√ Taking Photograph of Scene and Evidences

√ Testifying in court

How to become Crime Scene Investigator?

The first thing you should know about it that it’s an entry level position so you need to have experience in law enforcement & forensic science.

Note: Entry Requirement may vary between police forces, Forensic science Laboratories, Government or private employer.

(You can check the eligibility by downloading any old recruitment advertisement of particular place or a random one)

Here, I am going to discuss common eligibility and requirement one should have to become Crime Scene Investigator step by step:

Step 1 : Complete your starting education in Science Stream.

Step 2: Complete your graduation with one of the following subject: Biology / Chemistry / Physics / Criminology / Computer Science/ Forensic Science.

Step 3: Higher Qualification in relevant field would advance your career. (Biology / Chemistry / Physics / Criminology / Computer Science/ Forensic Science.)

Step 4: Experience in Law Enforcement or in Practical Scientific Role.

(Not all recruiter follow same rule)

Step 5: Diploma Course/Certificate Courses can also be done in Crime Scene Investigation.

Required Skills:

If you want to be a crime scene investigator, you must have the following skills:

Problem Solving


√ Self-Motivated

Sharp Minded

Great Eye

Analytical Mind

Adaptable to new techniques and methods

√ Hardworking


UK – £16,000 to £ 24,000

US- $87000

India – 2.5 lakh to 12 lakh per annum

(Note: This is just an average salary, it may be different according to locations and recruiter)

How to gain Experience as a Crime Scene Investigator?

1.) You can be volunteer.

2.) Internship in Law enforcement or in Forensic Science Laboratory

3.) Work with Private Forensic/Detective Agency

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