Forensic Ballistics (300 Very-Short Answer Questions)

By @forensicfield

Forensic Ballistics (300 Very-Short Answer Questions)
(Including NET/JRF Previous Paper Questions)

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The Forensic Ballistics (300 Very-Short Answer Questions) is the resource to provide comprehensive coverage on Forensic Ballistics. This E-book will help you to qualify NET/JRF examination as well as other competitive examination related to Forensic Ballistics.

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1 thought on “Forensic Ballistics (300 Very-Short Answer Questions)”

  1. I’ve bought this book and want to share review with those who want to buy it.
    ➡It is excellent book for freshers and for competitive exams.
    ➡Also gave the reasons of the answers.
    ➡The price is really low according to the content of the book.
    I’ve downloaded and view samples from both smasword and amazon but I’ve ordered by the link “Buy Forensic Ballistic E-book in Rs. 277/- only”.
    I’ve got a beautiful pdf . If you want a pocket book then definitely buy it
    Totally worth it.

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