MCQ on Forensic Psychology

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#1. Benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and manyanticonvulsants exert their influence through which of the following types of receptors?

#2. Pseudocyesis refers to false:

#3. Marijuana smoking impairs the operation of motor vehicles for how long after it use?

#4. Sexual perversion includes following, except;

#5. P300 is generated during random presentation of a different stimulus along with frequent repeated presentation of same stimuli in case of:

#6. Glasgow coma scale rates best response in all of the following except;

#7. Patient presents with altered behaviour, delusions and hallucinations, suggestive of:

#8. Delusion of infidelity is seen in:

#9. Delusion is a disorder of:

#10. Select the incorrect statement concerning modus operandi.

#11. Mc Naughten's rule is for:

#12. Who among these would help the victim to come out of a state of mental trauma?

#13. Physical dependence is not a feature of using:

#14. The Supreme Court held, that forcing a person to undergo polygraph, brain mapping and narco analysis tests, as violation of:

#15. Dyslexia is related to:

#16. Sociopaths (Psychopaths) are:

#17. Which is not a neurotic trait?

#18. Which of the following is not a psychiatric disorder?

#19. Which of the following is not classical of schizophrenia?

#20. The sexual focus is on objects that are intimately associated with human body. This is:

#21. The following drugs are high potency anti psychotic drugs, except:

#22. Following are the types of Neurosis, except:

#23. Bobbit syndrome is:

#24. The following are Opioid withdrawal symptoms, except:

#25. Which of the following is used for narcoanalysis?

#26. Morbid jealousy is seen with:

#27. Pyromania is:

#28. All the following are Impulse Control Disorders except:

#29. 20 yrs old female develops sudden episodic palpitation, tremors, fear of impending doom. Diagnosis is:

#30. Testamentary capacity is regulated by:

#31. What is the natural substrate for the cannabinoid receptor in the brain?

#32. In opioid dependence naltrexone is used to:

#33. What is a polygraph test used for?

#34. “Agora” in Agoraphobia means

#35. 3 year old girl has delayed developmental milestone, delayed speech, difficulty in concentrating on studies, plays with herself & does not make friends. Diagnosis is:

#36. Chasing the Dragon is:

#37. Delirium is marked by:

#38. Which of the following is NOT measured by the sensors of a polygraph test?

#39. Korsakoffs Psychosis results as a result of damage to the:

#40. Genital retraction syndrome is also known as:

#41. Wechsler test is a test for:

#42. Polygraph was discovered by:

#43. Not a correct match:

#44. In catatonic schizophrenia, all are seen except;

#45. Lie detector measures, the following parameters of an individual :

#46. A patient with pneumonia for 5 days admitted in hospital, suddenly ceases to recognise doctor and staff and thinks he is in jail, he complains of scorpions moving around, is in altered sensorium, condition is:

#47. Deliberate self harm is classically seen in:

#48. The most common psychiatric disorder is:

#49. Priapism is associated with which of the following tricyclic antidepressant drugs:


#50. Giving meaning to a stimulus is called as: