MCQ on forensic Medicine And Toxicology

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#1. The total number of bones in the human skeleton in an adult is:

#2. Effects of barbiturate onsets after:

#3. Most common cause of aneurysm formation:

#4. Linseed, Safflower and Cottonseed are used for:

#5. In drowning, the epidermis of the hands and feet is separated in the form of gloves and stocking after:

#6. Treatment of opioid over dosage is:

#7. In case of carbon monoxide poisoning which preservative is recommended for the preservation of blood samples:

#8. Acute toxicity of organophosphates causes:

#9. A person died in a hospital 2 weeks after burning of his abdominal and chest walls and upparemities, the most probable cause of death is:

#10. The average elimination or ‘burn-off’ rate of alcohol is approximately

#11. Fecal matter as evidence is encountered in cases like:

#12. Greenish brown staining of superficial veins was observed on the sides of abdomen and thighs of a dead body. This condition is known as:

#13. Fine, white lathery froth that is copious and tenacious around mouth and nostrils is suggestive of death due to:

#14. Which of the following sutures of the skull are the first to fuse?

#15. Heat stiffening occurs when body exposed to temperature:

#16. Gettler’s test is associated with:

#17. LSD is derived from which of the following plant?

#18. A fetus becomes viable by the age of:

#19. Scott’s test is applied for the detection of:

#20. Nicotine can be given in all forms except;

#21. Vesication test is done to confirm the identification of following poison:

#22. MAcEwen’s sign is a manifestation of massive intake of:

#23. Ethanol is absorbed into blood from:

#24. Anti-H lectin, is prepared from:

#25. Brush burn or graze is a form of:

#26. Which of the following preservatives is used to preserve the blood in case of alcohol poisoning?

#27. Casper’s dictum is related to:

#28. The main ingredient of Mandrax is:

#29. The chromosome pattern in Turner’s syndrome is:

#30. Cold Turkey is associated with:

#31. Considering mode of administration, poison acts more rapidly when:

#32. What is the natural substrate for the cannabinoid receptor in the brain?

#33. Glasgow coma scale rates best response in all of the following except;

#34. Who among the following is authorized to opine on the cause of death?

#35. Alcoholics Anonymous was developed by:

#36. Which of the following is a definite sign of death due to drowning:

#37. Postmortem hemolysis due to bacterial enzyme:

#38. The alternative medication to methadone used for the long term maintenance of opiate dependence is:

#39. The following are Opioid withdrawal symptoms, except:

#40. Heat stiffening in muscles occurs above temperature:

#41. The commonest cause of death in extradural hemorrhage is:

#42. Cadaveric spasm indicates:

#43. Lynching is commonly used for:

#44. Chasing the Dragon is:

#45. One of the following is not a manifestation of shaken baby syndrome:

#46. Which of the following is important for the identification from hair?

#47. Malignant hyperthermia is a danger with:

#48. Segmented blood in retinal blood vessels, sign is:

#49. After death blood level of following decrease:

#50. In a suicide case, pistol was found tightly gripped in hand. This is suggestive of which of the following condition:






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