E-Magazine of Forensic Science (May 2022)

Learning should never stop, and with each other’s cooperation, we can share knowledge with anyone and everyone. That is why Forensicfield.blog is releasing a series of magazines on forensic science, the IVth issue of the series is available. This magazine offers articles authored by a variety of expert individuals, students, as well as quizzes and games.

Contents of E-Magazine of Forensic Science (May 2022)

ContentsPage No.
Autopsy                     1
Custodial Death9
Forensic Science In Criminal Investigation12
Crime Scene Search Methods16
Can DNA Be Used To Store Images, Videos & Other Documents17
DNA And The Human Genome20
Touch DNA Collection Method From Fabric And It’s Effect21
Adulterants In Cement: Forensic Analysis23
Personality Disorders And It’s Types26
Footprints Impression Detection At The Crime Scene31
Algorithms Used To Rebuild Fingerprints34
Use Of SEM Analysis To Detect Cut Damage Caused By A Sharp Item On Cotton Clothing36
Physical And Molecular Approaches To Forensic Tools And Methodologies For Absolute Human Identification37
Multiple Choice Question On Forensic Physics39

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E-Magazine of Forensic Science (May 2022)

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