Forensic Science E-Magazine (March 2023)

We proudly present the March issue (Vol 13) of your favorite magazine, Forensic Science E-Magazine. The current issue of the magazine, as usual, has helpful content related to forensic science. Our editorial team works diligently to deliver the study material while keeping in mind the needs of our valued readers. We are confident that if you read it attentively and patiently, it will go a long way toward giving you the information you need to tackle the difficult process of the exams and study and bring you certain knowledge and victory.

Several important pieces on forensic science and science have been provided in the current edition by reputable authors. A variety of questions collected from various competitive exams are included in the magazine’s most important section.

Forensic Science E-Magazine (March 2023) cover

Contents of Forensic Science E-Magazine (March 2023)

ContentsPage No.
Tongue Print And Its Importance In Forensic Science          1
MCQs With Explanation On Tongue Print5
Name Of Tools Used In Forensic Medicine8
Forensic Science: Growing Significance In Insurance Sector11
Drowning In Forensic Medicine14
MCQs Related To Drowning Case15
Short Questions And Answer On Drowning Case17
An Introduction To Forensic Linguistics19
One Liner On Forensic Linguistics28
Short QnA On Forensic Linguistics29
MCQs On Forensic Linguistics33
Common FAQ Related To Forensic Science45
50+ Short QnA on Digital Forensics48
MCQs On Digital Forensics65
MCQs on Forensic Psychology66
Answers of MCQs      69

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