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#1. Handwriting which is joined top to bottom lower case is known as:

#2. The correct order of steps involved in ‘Polymerase chain Reaction’ (PCR) is:

#3. Spherical aberration means:

#4. The Opinion of Expert under section 45 is not relevant:

#5. Which of the following does not belong to the group?

#6. In Linux “Dotfiles” are:

#7. Which of the following techniques is considered effective to develop latent fingerprints on non-porous surfaces?

#8. Father of Psychoanalysis:

#9. Following detector in HPLC generates structural and molecular weight information about the eluted solute:

#10. Who First Published Treatise On Systematic Document Examination?

#11. Diagnosis of brain death dependent upon all, except:

#12. The following are important for packaging and shipping of evidence, except:

#13. Fingerprints on moist and sticky items are developed by:

#14. Malignant hyperthermia is a danger with:

#15. The latent fingerprint visualisation technique known as vacuum metal deposition involves the evaporation and subsequent deposition, under vacuum, of:

#16. The author of the book entitled “Suspect Document” is:

#17. One of the following is a sure external sign of drowning that can be found in postmortem examination:

#18. Pyromania is:

#19. Liquid Items can be Packed into:

#20. For preservation of shoe print/tire marks on soft earth, the best way is:

#21. The main method to collect saliva stain is:


#22. Section 17, NDPS Act 1985 describes punishment for contravention in relation to:

#23. What is Metadata?

#24. The final purple coloured compound produced during the development oflatent fingerprints with ninhydrin is known as ________.

#25. In which of the method, Hollow-Cathode lamp is used as radiation source?

#26. The colour of blood in deaths due to burns is:

#27. Which of the following teeth are superadded permanent teeth in jaw of an adult?

#28. Which one of the following is added to the clinker to prevent the rapid reaction?

#29. Teaching of Forensic Science in India for the first time was started at the University situated at:

#30. The Evidence unearthed by sniffer dog facts under?

#31. Thermal fractures on glass sheet are of following type:

#32. The region of mt-DNA used for species identification is:

#33. Which one of the following is the best method for packed bloody weapon:

#34. What tool represents a scanning tool?

#35. The following are examples of 'Questioned Documents', Except:

#36. The trigger pull of service rifle is:

#37. Genes which exists as alternate expressions at a particular locus is known as:

#38. Ninhydrine is used to:

#39. Which of the following fiber is of mineral origin?

#40. A technique used for increasing the amount of a specific segment of DNA is called

#41. The Right of Private defense is contained in:

#42. The following are Opioid withdrawal symptoms, except:

#43. “Nutmeg liver” refers to:

#44. Besides silica, the main constituent of Gypsum soil is:

#45. NMR is a tool to investigate:

#46. _________ is the feature of cloud computing that allows the service to change in size or volume in order to meet a user’s needs.

#47. Evidence that may be collected, Except:

#48. Fecal matter as evidence is encountered in cases like:

#49. Sodium-halide-bromide cell window are used in:

#50. Prof. Simon Newcomb has given the:

#51. A detailed written description of gunpowder is given in which one of the following by Roger Bacon?

#52. Modus Operandi means:

#53. Grievous Hurt is described in following section of IPC:

#54. In Contrecoup impact lesion is present:

#55. 20 yrs old female develops sudden episodic palpitation, tremors, fear of impending doom. Diagnosis is:

#56. The technique used for comparison of trace element profile of soil samples is:

#57. Blue colour of PDS kerosene is due to the presence of which dye?

#58. The period of mixed dentition extends:

#59. Hybridoma is a fused cell resulting from the fusion of:

#60. Teaching of Forensic Science for the first time in India was started in 1959 at the following place:

#61. What was the name of program which Robert Thomas created?

#62. The antidote for methanol poisoning is:

#63. In proportional spacing typewriters, each character occupies which types of the following space:

#64. In hair growth, the telogen phase may last upto:

#65. The following chemical is used for hardening of plaster of Paris cast of tyre mark?

#66. Cut-throat wound cause death by:

#67. Chromatography was first reported by:

#68. Vacuum sweepings, fingernails, scrapings, clothing, and, vehicles should be collected because they are possible carriers of:

#69. Assertion (A): A ‘plain’ impression made by ink are unsatisfactory for fingerprint analysis. Reason (R): In ‘plain’ impression, larger number of points or junctions does not appear.

#70. The amino acid-ninhydrin reaction produces a purple compound called:

#71. The following method is used for determining the age of an ink by tracking the degradation of certain dyes.

#72. Trace Evidence is not much useful in following Crime:

#73. Following technique provides a unique fingerprint of a chemical structure:

#74. Boyde’s formula helps to determine:

#75. Putrefaction occurs more rapidly in:

#76. How phone memory of a damaged mobile phone can be read?

#77. Which of the following is used to colour motor gasoline?

#78. Effusion separator which is used in GC-MS is basically:

#79. Testamentary Capacity Means:

#80. The following is not red cell isoenzymes:

#81. Eating the flesh of corpse for sexual gratification is called:

#82. If an accused voluntarily consents for Brain mapping and Narco analysis then such information is relevant under which section of Indian Evidence Act?

#83. Burn type relatively painless:

#84. The study of hair is known as:

#85. Polar fracture is a:

#86. Infrared spectra of paint sample without any preprocessing can be obtained by technique of:

#87. .303 rifle cartridge is a:

#88. Mobile security is also known as:

#89. A sense of unfamiliarity with familiar situations is:

#90. Hesitation marks or tentative cuts is a feature seen in:

#91. An individual's handwriting is affected by a persons _______ .

#92. In paint examination, pyrolysis gas chromatography is useful for characterizing

#93. Cyanoacrylate method can be best used to visualise latent fingerprints on the following type of surfaces:

#94. ‘Stass-Otto’ process is used for:

#95. Total ___ types of Grievous hurt are designated in IPC

#96. An Inquest into suicide or death leading to a suspicion of an offence is ordinarily conducted by:

#97. Section 15, NDPS Act 1985 describes punishment for contravention in relation to:

#98. The following is the most acceptable method for revealing indented writing:

#99. What is the effect of cutting of barrel on dispersion of pellets on a target?

#100. The writing on charred document can be restored by:

#101. Which of the following is first thing to be done by Crime Scene Investigator at Crime Scene?

#102. Which of the following is not a part of the mechanical system of a compound microscope?

#103. Which one of the following statements is true about the migration of biomolecules in electrophoresis?

#104. How to determine watermark evidence?

#105. Spin-spin coupling is observed in:

#106. Psychodynamic theory is based on:

#107. A patient with pneumonia for 5 days admitted in hospital, suddenly ceases to recognise doctor and staff and thinks he is in jail, he complains of scorpions moving around, is in altered sensorium, condition is:

#108. Seminal Stains on clothing should be packed in:

#109. For hardening of plaster of paris cast of foot prints, following substance is added:

#110. A Medical Examination of an accused can be done at the request of a police officer not below the rank of:

#111. Buckling is a characteristics feature of:

#112. The angle of tool application should be fixed for making standard marks in:

#113. Heat stiffening occurs when body exposed to temperature:

#114. “Whenever two objects come into contact with one another, an exchange of materials occurs between them”. This Principle is called:

#115. Anoxic anoxia produced by all, except:


#116. Giving meaning to a stimulus is called as:

#117. Zip gun is a:

#118. The presence of BHC is established by separation of its constituents by:

#119. Which of the following is a physical method for developing latent finger mark?

#120. Different forms of the same gene or marker are called:

#121. Following is not improvised explosive:

#122. Benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and manyanticonvulsants exert their influence through which of the following types of receptors?

#123. The diameter of 16 bore shot gun is:

#124. In .177 Air gun, the maximum velocity to perforate skin is:

#125. Assertion (A): Hair has paramount importance to establish the link betweensuspect and victim and linking both with the scene of occurrence. Reason (R): As per Locard's principle of exchange.

#126. The writing, in which a person has made a deliberate attempt to remove or modify all or some of the writing habits is known as:

#127. __________ is the protocol that supports linking from one web page to another page.

#128. Forgeries are documents:

#129. Which one of the following is a sweet prepared from Bhang and used as an appetizer?

#130. Cusp of Carabelli is found on:

#131. The most important human activity, leading to the extinction of wildlife is:

#132. The probable time of last fire from a firearm can be determined by

#133. In density gradient determination method of soil examination, the following liquids are commonly used:

#134. Suspected air embolism, body cavity to be opened first is:

#135. Magistrate inquest is conducted in the following conditions, except:

#136. A 27 year old female think her nose is ugly, her idea is fixed and not shared by anyone else, whenever she goes out of home she hides her nose with cloth. She visits a surgeon, next step would be:

#137. Last organ to putrefy:

#138. Emulsion is a coating on all photographic films and papers consisting of light sensitive silver salt in a:

#139. For wound ballistics study in human beings, the following is used in experiments:

#140. Best Search Pattern when there is only one Investigation Officer is present and no obstacles is there is:

#141. Scales are found on the following fibre:

#142. Which of these is a part of a mt. DNA?

#143. Free sulphuric acid is rarely found in stomach contents in acid poisoning cases because:

#144. Which of the following is used as a detector in HPLC?

#145. In a suspected case of death due to poisoning, where cadaveric rigidity is lasting longer than usual, it may be a case of poisoning due to:

#146. Rigor mortis does not occur in fetus less than:

#147. The electrostatic detection apparatus (ESDA) is not used:

#148. Acute toxicity of organophosphates causes:

#149. The traditional printing method of relief printing is also known as:

#150. Pyrolysis gas chromatography is useful technique for characterization of the following paint constituents:

#151. The Collection And Preservation Of Evidence Are Begin When:

#152. Thanatology is associated with study of:

#153. Which of these cannot make an arrest as per the provisions of the Cr.P.C.?

#154. Considering mode of administration, poison acts more rapidly when:

#155. Blood stained clothes collected from the scenes of crime should be sent for examination:

#156. Which of these markers is present in seminal plasma?

#157. In 0.22 Airgun pellet, the minimum velocity required to perforate human skin is:

#158. Which of the following is characteristic of genuine signatures?

#159. Tyre prints impressed into deep snow are categorised as:

#160. Erasure of a writing using rubber is called:

#161. The time take by an unretained species to pass through a chromatography column is known as:

#162. Soil sample when moistened with few drops of water and Conc. HCl gives yellow colour due to presence of:

#163. In which one of the following types of liquid chromatography, immobilized biochemical is used as a stationary phase?

#164. Which of the following toxic salts of lead is known as “Sugar of Lead”?

#165. Literary forgery refers to the forgery of a:

#166. The following bones are useful for the determination of stature:

#167. Narco Analysis Technique is against which Article of Constitution?

#168. Neutron Activation Analysis detects the presence of following in G.S.R:

#169. The following are the tests for analysis of morphine except:

#170. Which one of the tissues putrefies late?

#171. How should soil samples be preserved if they can't be subjected to forensic tests soon after collection?

#172. Following is the active component of marking nut:

#173. One of the following tests is used to determine the species of origin from blood stain:

#174. The yellowish discoloration of a healing contusion is due to

#175. Cold Turkey is associated with:

#176. Physical Evidence at the scene of crime should be collected in the presence of :

#177. Examination of Handwriting in the suicide note will reveal:

#178. The following analysis is done in graphology:

#179. The evidence of Expert in the Court of Law is recorded in the following order:

#180. The following forms the finger ridges:

#181. Chronic poisoning due to lead is known as:

#182. Data can be retrieved from a mobile device by using which software:

#183. Heat resistant glass contains a mixture of silica (75% to 80 %) and which one of the specific constituent (upto 15%):

#184. The flash point of typical standard diesel is:

#185. The Supreme Court held, that forcing a person to undergo polygraph, brain mapping and narco analysis tests, as violation of:

#186. Which technique is non-destructive for identification and quantitation of trace elements of forensic samples?

#187. The following is not a feature of a female skull:

#188. Basic requirements of a monochromator are:

#189. The order in which items of evidence have been handled during the investigation of a case is known as:

#190. Within a monochrometer, the necessary collimation and focusing are performed by:

#191. Lanugo hairs are:

#192. Pseudodementia is:

#193. The following is the most suitable casting material for preserving foot wear impressions:

#194. Which of the following courts is not a court of trial?

#195. “Agora” in Agoraphobia means

#196. For what purpose, ‘Volatility’ tool is used?

#197. First internal organ to putrefy is:

#198. What is it called when someone changes the FROM section of an email so that the message you receive appears to come from a person other than the one who sent it?

#199. The following percentage of ridge matching is a positive proof of matching in striation tool marks examination:

#200. Who said this “The internet will disappear. There will be so many IP address, so many devices, sensors that it will be part of your presence all the time. Imagine you walk into a room and you are interacting with the things going on in there"?

#201. The following formula is used for the determination of stature:

#202. Dust and soil particles should be collected from pockets and folds of pants and shirts by:


#203. Multiplication factor for stature from femur is:

#204. The book entitled “An Introduction to Criminalistics” was written by:

#205. In vehicle accident, tyre marks on body is suggestive of:

#206. A person with a head injury can talk normally and tell about the circumstantial evidence in case of:

#207. The three basic types of fingerprint pattern are:

#208. _______________ is the central node of 802.11 wireless operations.

#209. Anthropometry is an identification system which is also known as________

#210. The polymorphic enzymes found in human blood may help in

#211. The traditional printing method of relief printing is also known as:

#212. The study of ethical dilemmas, choices and standards of application in a particular context, including occupations, professions and situations comes under:

#213. The chromosome pattern in Turner’s syndrome is:

#214. In bullet projectory the maximum range can be attained if the angle of projection is:

#215. First G.E.Q.D. in India was started at:

#216. Petroleum products include:

#217. Taggants in ink are:

#218. Dying Declaration is to be preferably recorded by :

#219. Hot stage microscope is used in forensic examination of glass of measure:

#220. India became signatory to ‘Convention on International Trade in Endangered species’ (CITES) in the year:

#221. The earliest putrefactive colour changes after death is noticed over:

#222. Adipocere of the whole body occurs in about:

#223. The major advantage of the SEM includes the following except:

#224. An Android device’s encrypted data can be wiped remotely using:

#225. Which of the following is the most appropriate sample to be preserved during an autopsy in case of poisoning by digitalis purpurea?

#226. Following are the salivary glands found in humans:

#227. The average elimination or ‘burn-off’ rate of alcohol is approximately

#228. A crater – shaped hole in glass is _______ on the side where the projectile entered the glass:

#229. Which of the following is not a feature of immediate change after death?

#230. Assertion (A): As the rhodamine ‘B’ in ballpoint pen ink degrades, it losesthe ethyl groups. Reason (R): The ethyl groups are replaced by hydrogen atoms.

#231. Snap haunt is a:

#232. One of the following manifestations is an indication of severe ethanol intoxication:

#233. A Person may be charged together if in a year he conducts:

#234. Photomultiplier tube (PMT) is not suitable for detection of:

#235. The most common symptom associated with alcohol withdrawal is:

#236. Sequence the electromagnetic waves in decreasing order of wavelength?

#237. To visualise the latent fingerprints, ninhydrin reacts with which of the following ?

#238. Caffey Syndrome is related with:

#239. The most active ingredient in cannabis is:

#240. Tailing of a wound is seen in:

#241. When a light source is passed over the paper at an oblique angle, lighting is known as;

#242. Which of the following sutures of the skull are the first to fuse?

#243. Inquest means inquiry into:

#244. The process of analyzing wireless traffic that may be helpful for forensic investigations or during troubleshooting any wireless issue is called?

#245. Which of the following organs is most suitable for diatom test?

#246. Following color test is applied for the detection of opiates:

#247. The following method is non-destructive technique for ink identification:

#248. Individuals who produce A, B and H blood group specific substances in body fluids are called as:

#249. Sociopaths (Psychopaths) are:

#250. The following mark is not found in fired cartridge case:

#251. The key to Forensic Investigation is 1. Preserver 2. Analyse 3. Report 4. Collect. Arrange them in the correct sequence:

#252. Ricochet of bullet means:

#253. Which human DNA quantitation standard was released by NIST for use in forensic laboratories in 2007?

#254. Used to view the details of the image close up:

#255. Casper’s dictum is related to:

#256. Double helix structure of DNA was reported by:

#257. Shoval shaped incisors are found amongst;

#258. Which of the following fingerprint visualisation techniques is particularly effective on paper that has been wet, materials soaked in petrol and chip wrappers?

#259. Leuomalachite green reagent is used in developing:

#260. Visible prints left on a smooth surface when blood, ink, paint, grease, or other liquids come in contact with the hands and is transferred to the surface:

#261. The active ingredients of cannabis are collectively known as:

#262. Scott’s test is applied for the detection of:

#263. During spermatogenesis, the secondary spermatocyte develops into which of the following?

#264. The binder composition of paint is provided by:

#265. The most resistant body tissue to electrical injury is:

#266. Forger Selects Model Signature Of Writing In :-

#267. Who can be considered as an expert witness?

#268. When packaging the evidence, you should:

#269. Ejector is not found in:

#270. Some crystalline materials have two indices of refraction. The phenomenon is called:

#271. Unsolicited commercial emails are commonly known as?

#272. Surgical interference may be needed especially in children after poisoning by:

#273. Which of the following techniques can be used in analysis of fibres?

#274. Radiations emitted by radioactive elements are:

#275. Iron-tanin ink gave a blue colour to the line of writing due to the presence of indigo dye. It turned black after some time because:

#276. Richest concentration of choline in the spermatic fluid was determined by:

#277. One of the options mentioned is not a step involved in PCR technique:

#278. The skid marks on the road in a vehicular accident may give an indication of:

#279. The principle of radio-immunoassay is based on the interaction of:

#280. The window of opportunity to collect time-sensitive information or evidence is known as:

#281. Juvenile courts are meant for trial of:

#282. Post-mortem caloricity means:

#283. We have Judicial System to:

#284. Sexual perversion includes following, except;

#285. Condition promoting adipocere formation:

#286. ‘Expert’ is defined in the following section:

#287. O-tolidine is 3, 3’dimethyl derivative of:

#288. It is not the component of rifle Cartridge:

#289. The last organ to putrefy in the young girls is:

#290. The following process is responsible for formation of soil:

#291. After collecting the blood stained soil from the scene, it should be sent for examination:

#292. During forensic examination of glass, the edge thickness can be measured by:

#293. Select the incorrect statement concerning modus operandi.

#294. The following are characteristic features for comparison of handwriting, except;

#295. Facts alleged by one party and denied by other in a case is a termed as: