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#1. Fingerprints dissolved in this only grow back with scars on them making them more unique:

#2. Family Silphidae insects are forensically important and they belong to the order:

#3. Prof. Simon Newcomb has given the:

#4. Brachiocephaly is due to fusion of:

#5. Post-mortem caloricity means:

#6. Dried seminal stains from clothing are preserved in:

#7. Semen sample having no sperms is called:

#8. Split laceration resembles:

#9. For most fingerprint examiners, the chemical method of choice for visualizing latent prints is:

#10. Bulk density test is used to determine:

#11. Pseudodementia is:

#12. Buckling is a characteristics feature of:

#13. Best method of searches for detailed searching of large areas, and can be modified anytime according to the condition.

#14. Which of the following is the cause of ‘Hooch Tragedy’?

#15. Sperms are stored and matured in one of the following:

#16. Black mineral colours in the soil are generally related to the presence of the following elements:

#17. “Counter Immuno Electro Phoresis (CIEP)” is applied detection of:

#18. Which program will be used to gain administrative rights on one's computer?

#19. ow many types of wireless authentication modes are there?

#20. Delusion is a:

#21. 90% of the total ethanol consumed in body is converted into acetaldehyde and acetic acid within the:

#22. Who should certify that a body is “dead” at a crime scene?

#23. First Fingerprint Bureau was started at Kolkata in the year:

#24. ACE-V in fingerprints terminology stands for _______.

#25. What is the use of IPDR?

#26. The polymorphic enzymes found in human blood may help in

#27. ‘Expert’ is defined in the following section:

#28. The most suitable technique for liquid ink individualization is:

#29. Compressive strength analysis is done in case of:

#30. The following drugs are high potency anti psychotic drugs, except:

#31. Structure of DNA, carrier of the genetic blueprint of all biological organisms has been reported:

#32. First internal organ to putrefy is:

#33. Latent Finger print on electric bulb should be preserved by putting in:

#34. The direction of a wound can be ascertained from which of the following injuries:

#35. Deliberate self harm is classically seen in:

#36. It is important to separate witnesses at a crime scene in order to:

#37. Vaginal secretions can be characterised on the basis of the following:

#38. The writing on charred document can be restored by:

#39. The region of mt-DNA used for species identification is:

#40. Blue colour of PDS kerosene is due to the presence of which dye?

#41. Neutron Activation Analysis detects the presence of following in G.S.R:

#42. Pica type of typewriter types _______.

#43. Any items which may cross contaminate each other must be packed:

#44. Vesication test is done to confirm the identification of following poison:

#45. 'Expert’ is defined in the following section:

#46. Culpable Homicide is described in section:

#47. Crime Scene sketches provide following, which is/are not present in photograph or videography.

#48. Which is the best bone for determination of sex from skeletal remains?

#49. Fingerprints on paper can be sprayed with this chemical that reacts with amino acids in sweat to make a purple print appear:

#50. A 4 year old boy accidentally ingested a clear fluid, vomited twice then started to cough with tachypnea, 24 hours later he developed fever of 39 °C due to bronchopneumonia. The possible diagnosis is:

#51. Whiplash is which form of injury:

#52. Casper’s dictum is related to:

#53. Which Type of evidence should collect first at the crime scene:

#54. Segmented blood in retinal blood vessels, sign is:

#55. Fractures due to heat are:

#56. Mc Naughten's rule is for:

#57. The ‘magic angle’ of NMR is at:

#58. A person died from a stab wound in the aorta, in winter. His rectal temperature was 31 °C. The post-mortem interval is:

#59. Anoxic anoxia produced by all, except:

#60. The following typing is used to determine the both sex from a biological specimen:

#61. Schreger lines are used for identification of:

#62. The Process of reading or interpreting the effaced or illegible writing is:

#63. The following is the most acceptable method for revealing indented writing:

#64. Ethanol is absorbed into blood from:


#65. Giving meaning to a stimulus is called as:

#66. Assertion (A): In shotgun, the dispersion of pellets is more in the truecylinder gun than choked gun. Reason (R): Choking of barrel is not related to dispersion of pellet.

#67. The total number of bones in the human skeleton in an adult is:

#68. How many Controlled hair sample should be collected from the head?

#69. Conduct money is paid for:

#70. The term 'Petroglyphs' is used for which types of questioned documents?

#71. Total ___ types of Grievous hurt are designated in IPC

#72. Haemoglobinuria occurs when burnt skin surface exceeds:

#73. The Bureau of Police Research and Development is situated in:

#74. Bluish discolouration of neck of tooth due to:

#75. Wads and cushion wads are found in:

#76. In primary fingerprint classification, following patterns are given numerical value:

#77. Following detector in HPLC generates structural and molecular weight information about the eluted solute:

#78. Linea aspera is present on which of the following bone?

#79. Inks with polyethylene glycol base began replacing the oil-based ink in ball-point pens in the year:

#80. Which of the following is not true for Lattes Crust Method for blood identification?

#81. Which of the following is first thing to be done by Crime Scene Investigator at Crime Scene?

#82. All are adulterants of heroin, except:

#83. In Vishing, the perpetrator convince the recipient:

#84. Thermal fractures on glass sheet are of following type:

#85. Which one of the following body hair types are triangular in cross-section?

#86. The control soil sample should be collected within the distance of _______of the questioned soil spot.

#87. Evidence that may be collected, Except:

#88. What is Internet?

#89. The accuracy of sex determination from pelvis is:

#90. Mineralogical analysis can be done with the help of:

#91. In a crime scene sketch and arrow should always be there, which showing following direction:

#92. Which one of the following statements is NOT true about mass spectrometry?

#93. Blue line in the gingival margin in case of lead poisoning is due to deposition of:

#94. Which of the following methods used in the analysis of ink may be described as 'destructive'?

#95. The shape of sub pubic angle in a female is

#96. CCFP stands for:

#97. Radioactivity of a substance can be measured by:

#98. Spherical aberration means:

#99. In SDS-PAGE electrophoresis, the role of SDS is to:

#100. The Characteristic Feature Of Wrist Writing Is/Are :–

#101. In a solid sample preparation technique in IR spectroscopy, the finely ground solid sample is mixed with mineral oil to make a thick paste which is then spread between IR transparent windows. What is the name of this solid sample preparation technique?

#102. Judges in Courts of Session are appointed by:

#103. The example of the Vegetable fibre is:

#104. Besides silica, the main constituents of dolomite soil is:

#105. Type lines can be defined as the two innermost ridges which start parallel, diverge and surround or tend to surround ______.

#106. The dose of Na thiosulphate for treatment of cyanide poisoning in children is:

#107. Suspected air embolism, body cavity to be opened first is:

#108. Section 489A, IPC describes:

#109. Anti-H lectin, is prepared from:

#110. One of the following is not a manifestation of shaken baby syndrome:

#111. “Agora” in Agoraphobia means

#112. Pyromania is:

#113. A Person aggrieved by a refusal to register an FIR by the Police Station may send the report to:

#114. Assertion (A): Free sulphuric acid is rarely found in stomach contents in acid poisoning case. Reason (R): Because either it is vomited out or neutralized by alkalies given as antidotes.

#115. The yellowish discoloration of a healing contusion is due to

#116. What are the four patterns to search the crime scene for Evidence:

#117. The technique used for comparison of trace element profile of soil samples is:

#118. MAcEwen’s sign is a manifestation of massive intake of:

#119. A person committed suicide by a revolver in under to implicate his opponent, his son took the same revolver and fired a second shot at his father. But the Postmortem examination proved that the second shot was a postmortem shot. Then his son admitted that he had himself fired the second shot to implicate his opponents, which of the following principles of Forensic Science had helped in determination of truth.

#120. Uncontaminated surface material close to an area where physical evidence has been deposited is a:

#121. Alcoholics Anonymous was developed by:

#122. Which of the following protocols uses both TCP and UDP?

#123. The footprints found at the scene of crime, indicates which of the following?

#124. Medical Negligence comes under Following section of IPC:

#125. The annealing temperature for ordinary glass is:

#126. By which method Nicotine is isolated from alkaline solution?

#127. Burning, blackening and tattooing are useful for determination of

#128. The sexual focus is on objects that are intimately associated with human body. This is:

#129. The direction of stroke of ball point pen lines can be determined by examining:

#130. The best method for packing of paper which smell like gasoline is:

#131. Which of the following tool is used for Blackjacking?

#132. Teaching of Forensic Science for the first time in India was started in 1959 at the following place:

#133. The process which leaves impressions on the reverse side of the note is:

#134. One of the following tests is used to determine the species of origin from blood stain:

#135. The following is the most suitable casting material for preserving footwear impressions:-

#136. The most commonly used material for in the manufacture of paper is:

#137. The following method is used for determining the age of an ink by tracking the degradation of certain dyes.

#138. Prolonged prothrombin time occurs in cases of poisoning with:

#139. The following is not a feature of a female skull:

#140. Brush burn or graze is a form of:

#141. Pitch of male human speech sound ranges between:

#142. Primary high explosive used in percussion cup of cartridge is:

#143. In the gunshot wound, the term back spatter refers to:

#144. Which of the following type of abrasions are associated in sexual assault over the thigh of a woman?

#145. Morbid jealousy is seen with:

#146. The following process is responsible for formation of soil:

#147. Which technique is non-destructive for identification and quantitation of trace elements of forensic samples?

#148. The full form of NFF is related to AFIS is:

#149. Skull photo superimposition technique was used for the first time in which of the following cases ?

#150. Firing Pin marks of a gun are:

#151. Treatment of opioid over dosage is:

#152. Varnish is traditionally a combination of drying oil, a resin and a____.

#153. The following is not a feature of antemortem burns?

#154. Which is not a neurotic trait?

#155. The famous computer program which provides cryptographic privacy and authentication for data communication, based on public-key encryption algorithm is:

#156. An indentation mark is caused by a tool, when it is pressed upon a surface:

#157. Double helix structure of DNA was reported by:

#158. Fingerprints are a(n) _________ characteristic. No two people have the identical ridge patterns:

#159. Radioactivity of a substance can be measured by:

#160. During gravimetric method of cement analysis, filtrate –D is used for calculation of:

#161. The latent fingerprint visualisation technique known as vacuum metal deposition involves the evaporation and subsequent deposition, under vacuum, of:

#162. 1,8-diazafluoren-9-one or DFO is used for:

#163. Wisdom teeth is also known as:

#164. Psychodynamic theory is based on:

#165. Which of these cannot make an arrest as per the provisions of the Cr.P.C.?

#166. The complementary base pairs among four nucleotides (A, T, G, C) are as:

#167. “Fact of which court must take judicial notice” is defined in:

#168. The Refractive Index of glass can be determined by:

#169. Which was the first atypical antipsychotic?

#170. Offender profiling involves:

#171. For preservation of shoe print/tire marks on soft earth, the best way is:

#172. The bullets having less thickness of the jacket at the tip are:

#173. Each Package of Evidence should have following, Except:

#174. Amount of air necessary to produce fatal air embolism is:

#175. The dark portion of the fingerprint is called the ________:

#176. Fingerprints on moist and sticky items are developed by:

#177. Ninhydrin was first used as a fingerprint reagent in 1954 by:

#178. Which of the following is important for the identification from hair?

#179. IR Spectroscopy is used in the analysis of:

#180. Which of the following sutures of the skull are the first to fuse?

#181. What is the purpose of CDR analysis tool ?

#182. The radiological study of skeletal remains for age estimation is based on the fusion of

#183. Soil sample when moistened with few drops of water and Conc. HCl gives yellow colour due to presence of:

#184. Walker Test of GSR is done for the identification of presence of

#185. For preparing Heroin which of the following is used as acetylating reagent?

#186. The antidote for methanol poisoning is:

#187. Which of these is a part of a mt. DNA?

#188. In which weapon Iron pyrite was used as ignitor?

#189. Which of the following rare earth oxide is not found in ‘Nernst Glower’?

#190. Fingerprint patterns that can eliminate a suspect or link a suspect to the crime scene:

#191. The main ingredient of Mandrax is:

#192. Post-mortem lividity helps in the determination of the following except:

#193. A dead body is having cadaveric lividity of bluish green color. The most likely cause of death is by poisoning due to:

#194. The approximate age of iron gallotannate ink on document can be determined with the help of

#195. Grazing angle in case of oblique light examination of documents pertains to_______.

#196. Which of the following is used as a detector in HPLC?

#197. Condition promoting adipocere formation:

#198. The second stage of acute acetaminophen toxicity is characterized by:

#199. A governmental organization wants to ensure the integrity of information that is communicated between parties. What is needed to achieve this?

#200. Lysergic acid is found in:

#201. What type of picture should be taken for covering entire crime scene?

#202. A 27 year old female think her nose is ugly, her idea is fixed and not shared by anyone else, whenever she goes out of home she hides her nose with cloth. She visits a surgeon, next step would be:

#203. The average fingerprint has approximately how many individual ridge characteristics?

#204. Wild Life Protection Act, 1972 was amended in which year?

#205. Robbery is defined in following section of IPC:

#206. The following analysis is done in graphology:

#207. Visible prints left on a smooth surface when blood, ink, paint, grease, or other liquids come in contact with the hands and is transferred to the surface:

#208. Which of the following drug is not used in Narco-analysis?

#209. The correct order of steps involved in ‘Polymerase chain Reaction’ (PCR) is:

#210. The binder composition of paint is provided by:

#211. Ninhydrin reagent reacts with ___in sweat.

#212. The working of Polilight is based on ______.

#213. The test to identify vaginal epithelial cells in a case of sexual assault is:

#214. Dirt/Dust on shoes can be collected by:

#215. Dying Declaration is to be preferably recorded by :

#216. the modern breath alcohol instrument is based on technology of:

#217. What is correct sequence of Cyber Security process cycle?

#218. Ambidextrous writer is a writer who can write with equal ease and skill with _______:

#219. Identification of nature of adulterants in cement sample can be carried out easily by:

#220. If investigators did not search crime scene properly or they preserve physical evidence carelessly, following will be happen:

#221. The first part of a complete URL is the __________ needed to access the web resource.

#222. The Evidence unearthed by sniffer dog facts under?

#223. TAPPI stands for:

#224. Control soil samples for forensic analysis is best collected in:

#225. First Forensic Science Lab in India was established at:

#226. The sequence of eruption of permanent teeth in human is:

#227. Assertion (A): While dispatching the exhibit to the Forensic Science Laboratory the sample of the seal used on packed exhibits is also dispatched along – with exhibits. Reason (R): It helps in ascertaining the chain of custody in investigation.

#228. Foamy liver is seen in:

#229. Kozelaka and Hine method is used for the quantitative estimation of

#230. Accurate individualization of the victims from bones is possible by using one of these following techniques:

#231. Spin-spin coupling is observed in:

#232. What was the original fingerprinting system adopted by Scotland Yard in 1901 which converted ridge patterns on all 10 fingers into a series of letters and numbers arranged in the form of a fraction?

#233. The most common type of fingerprint pattern is the:

#234. Handwriting which is joined top to bottom lower case is known as:

#235. The following is considered as part of gait pattern:

#236. Cybersecurity is primarily about:

#237. Magistrate inquest is conducted in the following conditions, except:

#238. The solid absorbent used in modified clean –up method are:

#239. Infrared spectra of paint sample without any preprocessing can be obtained by technique of:

#240. One of the following is not the component of Kastle-Meyer Test:

#241. Fabricated wounds are mostly:

#242. When a wireless user authenticates to any AP, both of them go in the course of four-step authentication progression which is called?

#243. Heat stiffening in muscles occurs above temperature:

#244. What is the size of the IPV6 address?

#245. ________ describes a distribution model in which applications are hosted by a service provider and made available to users.

#246. Takayama’s test for confirming blood is based on:

#247. A forensic scientist is supposed to answer the question when examining dried blood

#248. Which of the following instrument is used to decipher indented writing?

#249. The study of handwriting, especially when employed as a means of analyzing character and personality traits, is known as:

#250. Cremains refers to the study of:

#251. Which of the following is not true in case of a radiation source?

#252. The plant protected under Wildlife (Protection) Act is:

#253. In a suicide case, pistol was found tightly gripped in hand. This is suggestive of which of the following condition:

#254. The most important sign for identification of contact firearm inlet is:

#255. The following are the tests for analysis of morphine except:

#256. First systematic presentation of Neutron activation analysis method was made by:

#257. The total number of temporary molars in a child aged 7 years:

#258. The dead body of a murdered person is brought for preservation in mortuary. Which of the following statements is not correct?

#259. Search pattern best for large outdoor areas, uses many people:

#260. To decipher indented writings, following instrument is used:

#261. SIM stores the _____________.

#262. The most common symptom associated with alcohol withdrawal is:

#263. The Right of Private defense is contained in:

#264. It is not used as a primer in cartridge:

#265. The process of formation of small droplet from the liquid sample is called as:

#266. Which of the following test is used to determine whether the blood belongs to human or animal?

#267. In opioid dependence naltrexone is used to:

#268. Heat stiffening occurs when body exposed to temperature:

#269. Steganography means:

#270. What is the effect of cutting of barrel on dispersion of pellets on a target?

#271. The detection of colostrum is essential in the following situation:

#272. After collecting the blood stained soil from the scene, it should be sent for examination:

#273. Swabs collected for biological samples should packed:

#274. What is it called when someone changes the FROM section of an email so that the message you receive appears to come from a person other than the one who sent it?

#275. Used to view the details of the image close up:

#276. Cannabis sativa contains the following principal constituents:

#277. Assertion (A): Presence of P30 confirms the seminal stain. Reason (R): P30 is secreted into semen by Cowper’s gland.

#278. Sweat glands near the hair follicle:

#279. A Polygraph test is used for the detection of:

#280. A Medical Examination of an accused can be done at the request of a police officer not below the rank of:

#281. Gerald Edelman and Rodney Porter shared a Nobel prize in 1972 for revealing the structure of:

#282. In simple microscope if focal length of lens is 1 cm, then magnification power lies at

#283. “Taches Noire Scleroitiques” is a post-mortem feature seen in:

#284. Which one of the following cannot be conserved during Raman Scattering?

#285. 20 yrs old female develops sudden episodic palpitation, tremors, fear of impending doom. Diagnosis is:

#286. Cryptography is use to transform message to make them secure and immune from _______.

#287. Using an eraser, knife, sandpaper, or sharp tool to remove part of a document:

#288. Opinion of examiner of electronic evidence is admissible in court of law under section:

#289. Bertrand lens is a part of the following microscope:

#290. The following are examples of 'Questioned Documents', Except:

#291. In a car which method of search should be use?

#292. The following is not a component of Gustafson’s method:

#293. Which of the following component of fingerprint residue reacts with silver nitrate to make latent fingerprints visible?

#294. All the ten fingers having loop pattern will have classification as_________.

#295. Which of the following would be considered individual evidence?

#296. Section 15, NDPS Act 1985 describes punishment for contravention in relation to:

#297. Which of the following type of images store graphic information in a grid of individual pixels?

#298. Benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and manyanticonvulsants exert their influence through which of the following types of receptors?

#299. Extradural haemorrhage commonly occurs from rupture of:

#300. Which locus is used for determining both male and female gender in DNA fingerprinting?

#301. Volatile data resides in:

#302. Choose the wrong statement regarding child abuse:

#303. Literary forgery refers to the forgery of a:

#304. Assertion (A): Hair has paramount importance to establish the link betweensuspect and victim and linking both with the scene of occurrence. Reason (R): As per Locard's principle of exchange.

#305. Degausser is used for ____.

#306. Vaginal secretion consists of:

#307. In histological section of teeth, enamel shows incremental lines which are known as:

#308. What is the location of folder in the system hard disk having Windows Registry Hives?

#309. LSD is derived from which of the following plant?


#310. Crime scene procedure starts with _______ and ends with ______.

#311. Caffey Syndrome is related with:

#312. Diagnosis of brain death dependent upon all, except:

#313. Definition of sexual assault is in:

#314. The stamped serial number on barrel can be restored by:

#315. Which of the following antigen belongs to the Kell system:

#316. Assertion (A): The shortening of barrel increases dispersion of pellets inshot gun. Reason (R): It produces less pressure inside the barrel.

#317. Which Search pattern would be use to search a large field?