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#1. A person committed suicide by a revolver in under to implicate his opponent, his son took the same revolver and fired a second shot at his father. But the Postmortem examination proved that the second shot was a postmortem shot. Then his son admitted that he had himself fired the second shot to implicate his opponents, which of the following principles of Forensic Science had helped in determination of truth.

#2. Which one of the following types of ink, if erased, can be restored with the sulfocyanic acid fuming method?

#3. ow many types of wireless authentication modes are there?

#4. The period of mixed dentition extends:

#5. Soil sample when moistened with few drops of water and Conc. HCl gives yellow colour due to presence of:

#6. An instrument that measures the radiant power of two electromagnetic beams is called:

#7. Hybridoma is a fused cell resulting from the fusion of:

#8. Modus Operandi means:

#9. A person with a head injury can talk normally and tell about the circumstantial evidence in case of:

#10. Which of the following is not the class characteristic of a fired bullet?

#11. A Confession during an Investigation must be made before:

#12. When a wireless user authenticates to any AP, both of them go in the course of four-step authentication progression which is called?

#13. Deliberate self harm is classically seen in:

#14. Hesitation marks or tentative cuts is a feature seen in:

#15. The solid absorbent used in modified clean –up method are:

#16. Postmortem lividity well developed with in:

#17. Wound cause by sickle is:

#18. Blunt abdominal trauma commonest site of GI ruptures is:

#19. The identification of shot gun is possible when the fired cartridge contains:

#20. Who among these would help the victim to come out of a state of mental trauma?

#21. Which of the following witness can be asked a leading question during examination-in-chief?

#22. The possible ‘Multiple Enzyme System’ (MES) among the following is:

#23. Examination of Handwriting in the suicide note will reveal:

#24. The bullets having less thickness of the jacket at the tip are:

#25. One of the options mentioned is not a step involved in PCR technique:

#26. What is the basis for the determination of the primary classification of fingerprints?

#27. Not a correct match:

#28. Lie detector measures, the following parameters of an individual :

#29. Glass which is strengthened by introducing stress through rapid heating and cooling of its surface is called:

#30. The book entitled “An Introduction to Criminalistics” was written by:

#31. When Heavy Metals Are Part Of Ink In Case Of Secret Writing, Then The Secret Writing Can Be Deciphered Under :-

#32. The most common psychiatric disorder is:

#33. Best Search Pattern when there is only one Investigation Officer is present and no obstacles is there is:

#34. Criminals can alter or acquire checks in many ways, including:

#35. The following persons helped Sir E.R. Henry in ten digit fingerprint classification:

#36. Which one of the tissues putrefies late?

#37. Which of the following program is run to examine network traffic:

#38. Nodes are seen in:

#39. The most suitable method for preservation of surface foot print is:

#40. The suitable control sample in case of blood stained soil isusually taken within the distance of _______ from spot.

#41. Who First Published Treatise On Systematic Document Examination?

#42. 4R rule of glass fracture relates to:

#43. Which one of the following statements is NOT true about mass spectrometry?

#44. Which of the following component of fingerprint residue reacts with silver nitrate to make latent fingerprints visible?

#45. Derringers are single shot pistols, which possess:

#46. Which of the following protocols uses both TCP and UDP?

#47. Effusion separator which is used in GC-MS is basically:

#48. Drug of choice in alcohol withdrawal is:

#49. Sequence the electromagnetic waves in decreasing order of wavelength?

#50. Taggants in ink are:

#51. The ‘magic angle’ of NMR is at:

#52. The following are Opioid withdrawal symptoms, except:

#53. Debris material collected from arson crime scene should be packed in:

#54. Which is the best bone for determination of sex from skeletal remains?

#55. Which type of picture should be taken of objects:

#56. In which one of the following year, Polygraph was patented?

#57. ‘Stass-Otto’ process is used for:

#58. Odour of mummified body is:

#59. Which of the following is the major metabolite of methyl alcohol on oral administration?

#60. How many C's are present in computer forensics?

#61. In SEM, the incident beam is focused by means of:

#62. Which microscope has found wide application for the examination of birefringent material present in soil?

#63. Which of the following courts is not a court of trial?

#64. Gettler’s test is associated with:

#65. 20 yrs old female develops sudden episodic palpitation, tremors, fear of impending doom. Diagnosis is:

#66. Which one of the following is an ionization source for GC-MS:

#67. Section 15, NDPS Act 1985 describes punishment for contravention in relation to:

#68. Which of the following techniques can be used in analysis of fibres?

#69. Murder is defined in Indian Penal Code, Section:

#70. Griess reagent can be used to detect which one of the following acids?

#71. Which of the following is not classical of schizophrenia?

#72. Which one of the following is the best method for packed bloody weapon:

#73. The average fingerprint has approximately how many individual ridge characteristics?

#74. Physical dependence is not a feature of using:

#75. Malware gets spreads through networks and technologies, like?

#76. In the case of firing through windowpane glass, spiral fractures are found on:

#77. Nodes are seen in the following fibre:

#78. Which of the following teeth are superadded permanent teeth in jaw of an adult?

#79. Questioned Document is sometimes also referred to as :-

#80. One of the following solvents is not metabolized in the body to cyanide:

#81. Early signs of Lithium Toxicity are the following, except:

#82. Erasure of a writing using rubber is called:

#83. Blue line in the gingival margin in case of lead poisoning is due to deposition of:

#84. the production of an imitation of currency, artwork, documents, and name-brand knock-off items for the purpose of deception:

#85. The centre of ossification for the iliac crest appears by the age of:

#86. Which of the following statements is not true in case of an accident report?

#87. The detection of colostrum is essential in the following situation:

#88. The direction of stroke of ball point pen lines can be determined by examining:

#89. Vesication test is done to confirm the identification of following poison:

#90. Whorls are divided into how many distinct groups?

#91. __________ is the protocol that supports linking from one web page to another page.

#92. Ejector is not found in:

#93. After death all of following show rise in CSF, except:

#94. Berdon primer is a primer:

#95. The forking of the tip of the bristle hair is a useful indicator for the family:

#96. Which drug is used in carrying out “Narco Analysis’?

#97. Electrode less Discharge Lamp (EDL) is used in:

#98. Obliterations can be deciphered by taking photographs using:

#99. Search pattern best for large outdoor areas, uses many people:

#100. The presence of blood in the semen causing pink or reddish colour is known as

#101. Composed of a Mixture of Cement, Sand and Gravel is called :

#102. Which of the following methods used in the analysis of ink may be described as 'destructive'?

#103. The part of a tyre that contacts the road surface and contains a design is called as:

#104. The following are the core symptoms of Delirium Tremens except:

#105. The scientific study of human mind and its functions especially those affecting behaviour in a given context is known as:

#106. Which Windows log will tell you if software has been uninstalled?

#107. Accurate individualization of the victims from bones is possible by using one of these following techniques:

#108. Marijuana smoking impairs the operation of motor vehicles for how long after it use?

#109. The most suitable technique for liquid ink individualization is:

#110. What is the use of IPDR?

#111. The final purple coloured compound produced during the development oflatent fingerprints with ninhydrin is known as ________.

#112. Civil death may be presumed if one has not been heard for:

#113. Which of the following is NOT a well known Cell Phone Forensics Commercial Tool ?

#114. The Process of reading or interpreting the effaced or illegible writing is:

#115. Control soil samples for forensic analysis is best collected in:

#116. Dried seminal stains from clothing are preserved in:

#117. To decipher indented writings, following instrument is used:

#118. Which of the following is first thing to be done by Crime Scene Investigator at Crime Scene?

#119. Precipitin Test is performed to determine:

#120. O-tolidine is 3, 3’dimethyl derivative of:

#121. The main ingredient of Mandrax is:

#122. Inks with polyethylene glycol base began replacing the oil-based ink in ball-point pens in the year:

#123. Priapism is associated with which of the following tricyclic antidepressant drugs:

#124. Seminal fluid is a gelatinous material produced in males by seminal vesicles, prostate and

#125. A gap within a stroke when the writing instrument leaves the paper is called a:

#126. Besides silica, the main constituent of Gypsum soil is:

#127. The multiplication factor to estimate stature from femur is:

#128. Magistrate inquest is conducted in the following conditions, except:

#129. Irresistible urge to move about and increased motor activity is:

#130. The traditional printing method of relief printing is also known as:

#131. It is not used as a primer in cartridge:

#132. Which type of identification mark (serial number) on metal surface cannot be restored after obliteration?

#133. Unsolicited commercial emails are commonly known as?

#134. The specific antidote in case of iron poisoning is:

#135. Medullary Index of human hair is:

#136. Evidence that may be collected, Except:

#137. Blunt trauma more likely to produce incised like wounds:

#138. Sodium and Potassium hydroxides are strongly corrosive due to:

#139. Liquid Items can be Packed into:

#140. Petroleum products include:

#141. Age of blood stain can be determined by, except:

#142. Graphology can be defined as examination of handwriting for purpose of determining ________.

#143. Silver nitrate method to develop latent fingerprint is based on the reaction of silver ions with:

#144. An Android device’s encrypted data can be wiped remotely using:

#145. _________ technique is used to decipher latent finger-prints on wet non-porous surfaces.

#146. Korsakoffs Psychosis results as a result of damage to the:

#147. Chemical etching is a method for restoration of erased marks on:

#148. The most common means of identification of faeces sample is by the detection of:

#149. Considering mode of administration, poison acts more rapidly when:

#150. Volatile data resides in:

#151. The full form of NFF is related to AFIS is:

#152. In Vishing, the perpetrator convince the recipient:

#153. The technique used for comparison of trace element profile of soil samples is:

#154. The scales of hair can be preserved with the help of:

#155. The footprints found at the scene of crime, indicates which of the following?

#156. Which of the following is the most appropriate sample to be preserved during an autopsy in case of poisoning by digitalis purpurea?

#157. Malignant hyperthermia is a danger with:

#158. Opinion of examiner of electronic evidence is admissible in court of law under section:

#159. Visualization of Esterase-D can be done using which of the following reagents?

#160. Postmortem luminescence due to:

#161. Yawning is a common feature of:

#162. Sperms are stored and matured in one of the following:

#163. Which area of Crime Scene should be searched first?

#164. Which of the following section of Indian Evidence act-1872 describe ‘Dying Declaration’?

#165. Radiations emitted by radioactive elements are:

#166. The most reliable form of evidence is:

#167. Bertillonage is synonymous term to:

#168. Extradural haemorrhage commonly occurs from rupture of:

#169. Tear in the intima of the carotid artery with bleeding into its wall is seen in cases of:

#170. Assertion (A): Free sulphuric acid is rarely found in stomach contents in acid poisoning case. Reason (R): Because either it is vomited out or neutralized by alkalies given as antidotes.

#171. Which of the following tool is used for Blackjacking?

#172. Amatol contains:

#173. What Acronym Is Used To Describe The Computer Program That Helps Analyze Handwriting Samples?

#174. Causing disappearance of evidence of offence by a forensic scientist can be punished under:

#175. Darker of the crossing lines appears to be uppermost whether it is or not. This phenomenon is known as:

#176. Ossification of bones may be used for determination of:

#177. Linseed, Safflower and Cottonseed are used for:

#178. _______ is a super cooled liquid which has attained so high viscosity as to be considered as solid.

#179. Computer forensics also known as?

#180. P300 is generated during random presentation of a different stimulus along with frequent repeated presentation of same stimuli in case of:

#181. The modified Griess Test is specific for determination of ________ in gunpowder residue.

#182. Fingerprints dissolved in this only grow back with scars on them making them more unique:

#183. An indentation mark is caused by a tool, when it is pressed upon a surface:

#184. As per “Rule of Nine”, the surface area of the body involved for the trunk is:

#185. “Under taker’s fracture” due to falling of head (Backward) occurs at:

#186. Which size of soil particles is termed as clay?

#187. The most suitable solvent system for thin layer chromatography/paper chromatography of inks is

#188. Following test is a confirmatory test for phenol:

#189. Creatinine in urine reacts with picric acid to form:

#190. Acute toxicity of organophosphates causes:

#191. The suitable control sample in case of blood stained soil is usually taken within the distance of _____ from spot.

#192. A 4 year old boy accidentally ingested a clear fluid, vomited twice then started to cough with tachypnea, 24 hours later he developed fever of 39 °C due to bronchopneumonia. The possible diagnosis is:

#193. Inquest means inquiry into:

#194. In primary fingerprint classification, following patterns are given numerical value:

#195. Genital retraction syndrome is also known as:

#196. The first textbook written on the subject of fingerprints, and which was called Finger Prints, was written by:

#197. Common cause of death in Extradural haemmorhage is:

#198. Bobbit syndrome is:

#199. Following detector in HPLC generates structural and molecular weight information about the eluted solute:

#200. The following is most likely to develop individual characteristics when it is used a lot:

#201. Following are the salivary glands found in humans:

#202. Lynching is commonly used for:

#203. What term is used for the standard used for comparison?

#204. The length is the greatest dimension in which of the following wounds?

#205. When two sets of writings / signatures are exactly superimposing upon each other, that means:

#206. Frostbite occurs when continuous exposure to temp. range of:

#207. After stoppage of circulation muscles can live up to:

#208. Which of the following type of abrasions are associated in sexual assault over the thigh of a woman?

#209. Mass disaster victim identification could be achieved on the basis of:

#210. Any items which may cross contaminate each other must be packed:

#211. Which of the following courts is not a court of trial?

#212. The following colour tests is applied for the detection of halogenated hydrocarbons?

#213. Assertion (A): Blood less dissection of neck structures is recommended in deaths due to strangulation. Reason (R): It allows identifying and excluding post-mortem artefacts.

#214. Exhumation done under order by:

#215. In Linux “Dotfiles” are:

#216. The study of fingerprints is called:

#217. The concept of Poroscopy was given by:

#218. Double helix structure of DNA was reported by:

#219. The example of the Vegetable fibre is:

#220. Which condition plays a major role in the contamination of crime scene evidence?

#221. A patient with pneumonia for 5 days admitted in hospital, suddenly ceases to recognise doctor and staff and thinks he is in jail, he complains of scorpions moving around, is in altered sensorium, condition is:

#222. The greatest dimension of an incised wound is:

#223. Which of the following is the most important component for the individualization of hair?

#224. A forensic scientist is supposed to answer the question when examining dried blood

#225. Black Mineral color in the soil is generally related to the presence of:

#226. Semen sample having no sperms is called:

#227. Who should certify that a body is “dead” at a crime scene?

#228. The yellowish discoloration of a healing contusion is due to

#229. ______ is used as neutron moderator in NAA in TRIGA reactor.

#230. Greenish colour earliest sign of putrefaction due to:

#231. ABO antigens are present over the surface of:

#232. Chief agent for bacterial putrefaction is:

#233. A Person may be charged together if in a year he conducts:

#234. Copy prepared by superimposing the document is called:

#235. In 0.22 Airgun pellet, the minimum velocity required to perforate human skin is:

#236. Literary forgery refers to the forgery of a:

#237. The Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) seized for forensic tests analysis is suitably packed in:

#238. Infrared spectra of paint sample without any preprocessing can be obtained by technique of:

#239. Tattoo marks destroyed, their presence can be inferred from presence of pigment in:

#240. The most active ingredient in cannabis is:

#241. 'Expert’ is defined in the following section:

#242. Spin-spin coupling is observed in:

#243. 1,8-diazafluoren-9-one or DFO is used for:

#244. After death blood level of following decrease:

#245. A dead body for autopsy is to be preserved in a cold chamber whose preferred temperature is:

#246. Which human DNA quantitation standard was released by NIST for use in forensic laboratories in 2007?

#247. Sodium fluoride that is used as a preservative for blood samples inhibits the enzyme:

#248. Which of the following instrument is used to identify the organic drugs?

#249. Faeces stains are identified from odour, presence of indigested matter, vegetable fibres and

#250. The magnified effects from the combination of drugs is called:

#251. Rhohypnol (Rape drug) is:

#252. Which of the following is used to analyze for the presence of ‘Gun-Shot-Residue’?

#253. Compression tool marks are best formed by:

#254. Within a monochrometer, the necessary collimation and focusing are performed by:

#255. Assertion (A): The penetration power of shot gun is more than service rifle. Reason (R): Rifle produces more energy inside the barrel as compared to shotgun.

#256. Mc Naughten's rule is for:

#257. Which of the following is characteristic of genuine signatures?

#258. By which method Nicotine is isolated from alkaline solution?

#259. In a car which method of search should be use?

#260. Fingerprints on paper, cardboard, or unpainted surfaces can be developed in a jar with this chemical that recacts with carbohdrates to produce a brown print but it fades quickly and must be photographed:


#261. Crime scene procedure starts with _______ and ends with ______.

#262. The Opinion of Expert under section 45 is not relevant:

#263. Which of the following instrument is used to decipher indented writing?

#264. Which of the following is the major metabolic of cocaine in blood and urine?

#265. Teaching of Forensic Science in India for the first time was started at the University situated at:

#266. Confirmation of menstrual blood stain is done by the following method:

#267. The huge numbers of devices connected to the internet of things have to communicate automatically NOT via humans. What is this called?

#268. Flattening remains until:

#269. Pre-auricular Sulcus helps in the determination of:

#270. .303 rifle cartridge is a:

#271. How to determine watermark evidence?

#272. Picric Acid test of urine is performed to detect:

#273. Varnish is traditionally a combination of drying oil, a resin and a____.

#274. Definition of sexual assault is in:

#275. Anoxic anoxia produced by all, except:

#276. Which of the following are characteristics of rim-fire cartridge?

#277. Cannabis sativa contains the following principal constituents:

#278. Which type of the teeth are not present in human primary dentition?

#279. The image seen through a compound microscope is:

#280. Which of the following drug is used for treatment of nicotine dependence:

#281. The following is not red cell isoenzymes:

#282. What is a polygraph test used for?

#283. A Crime Scene Sketch should include all of the following, except;

#284. Teaching of Forensic Science for the first time in India was started in 1959 at the following place:

#285. In the firing mechanism of firearm trombone action is also called as

#286. The ‘fingerprint’ region of IR spectrum can be subdivided into the following except:

#287. Prostate-specific antigen is also called as:

#288. Which is most often used