Indian History of Forensic Science

The history of forensic science is thousands of years old. Many people believe that “Sir Arthur Conan Doyle” has made forensic famous a lot by his fiction Character “Sherlock Holmes”.  He is also known as the “Father of forensic Science”. As it stated in researches use of forensic science first started in China very long back around 7th century. They used fingerprints to keep the document identified and clay sculptures. Fingerprint marks have been used as signature identification for illiterate people since centuries.

A book titled as “Ming Yuen Shih Lu” has also mentioned use of fingerprint in the earlier period around 6th century in China.

Kautilya has mentioned about study of pupillary lines pattern in his book ‘Arthashastra’ thousands years ago. Because of uniqueness of fingerprints, it was common to use as identification. It may be presumed as they used fingerprint as a signature.

Indian studied various patterns of papillary line thousands year ago.

The First Chemical Examination Laboratory Was Established In Chennai In 1849.

In 1853, The Second Chemical Examination Laboratory Established In Kolkata.

3rd Chemical Examination Laboratory Is Established In Agra In 1864.

4th Chemical Examination Laboratories Established In 1870 In Mumbai.

Anthropometry Bureau was first established in Kolkata in 1892.

First explosive examination laboratory was developed in Nagpur in 1898.

The first Government Examiner of Questioned Document is established in Bengal in 1904 and shifted to Shimla in 1906.

The first Central Finger Print Bureau (CFPB) in India was established in 1905 at Shimla.

Establishment of Serology Department by Dr. Hankin in Kolkata in 1910.

During the year 1915, a Footprint Section was established under the CID, Government of Bengal.

In 1930, an Arms Expert was appointed and a small ballistic laboratory was set up under the Calcutta Police to deal with the examination of firearms.

The first state forensic science laboratory in India was established in the year 1952 at Calcutta.

Central detective training school at Calcutta was established during 1956.

Fingerprint bureau also established in Kolkata in 1957 by Khan Bhadur Aziz ulla haq and Ray Bahadur Khem Chandra Bose.

The first Central Forensic Science Laboratory was established at Calcutta during 1957.

The Indian Academy of Forensic Sciences (IAFS) was established in the year 1960.

BPR&D established the first Forensic DNA Typing facility at CFSL, Calcutta, during 1998.

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Written by Archana Singh.

Source :A Closer Look On Forensic Science written by Archana Singh