Father’s of Various branches of Forensic Science

The history of forensic science is thousands of years old and as research is being done more information about the use of forensics is being received. Here is the list of fathers of various branches and fields of forensic science, who have made their valuable contribution in the field of legal justice system.

Sr. No.Branches and FieldsName
1.Pioneer of Forensic ScienceSir Arthur Conan Doyle, Bernard Spilsbury
2.Father of Modern Forensic ScienceDr Edmond locard 
3.Father of Forensic AccountingFrank John Wilson
4.Father of Forensic AnthropologyThomas Dwight
5.Father of BallisticsCalvin Hooker Goddard
6.Father of Bloodstain Pattern AnalysisDr. Eduard Piotrowski
7.Father of Blood Group IdentificationKarl Landsteiner
8.Father of Forensic BotanyArthur Koehler
9.Father of CriminalisticsHans Gustav Adolf Gross
10.Father of CriminologyCesare Lombroso
11.Father of Computer ForensicsMichael Anderson
12.Father of Comparison MicroscopesPhillip O. Gravelle
13.Father of Criminal Identification SystemAlphonse Bertillon
14.Father of DNA FingerprintingAlec John Jeffreys
15.Father of Forensic EntomologyBernard Greenberg
16.Father of ExplosivesAlfred Nobel
17.Father of FingerprintsSir Francis Galton
18.Father of Forensic Geology Ray Murray
19.Father of Forensic photography Alphonse Bertillon
20.Father of Forensic LinguisticsJan Svartvik
21.Father of Forensic MedicinePaolo Zacchia
22.Father of Microscopic ForensicsWalter McCrone
23.Father of Forensic NursingVirginia Lynch
24.Father of Forensic OdontologyDr. Oscar Amoebda
25.Father of Forensic PalynologyVaughn Bryant
26.Father of Modern PathologyPaolo Zacchia
27.Father of Forensic PodiatryNorman H. Gunn
28.Father of Forensic PsychologyHugo Munsterberg
29.Father of Questioned DocumentsAlbert S. Osborn
30.Father of Forensic Serology Arthur Mourant
31.Father of Modern ToxicologyMathieu Joseph Bonaventure Orfila
32.Father of ToxicologyParacelsus
Debate over Father of Forensic Science:

There are so many researches about history of forensic science is laying around the web and after reading all of them I find out that it is not complete yet but still we want to know that who actually give face to the forensic science and for that we have to still delved. While there is still continuous research on the origin and use of forensic science, in such a situation we can get a list of the fathers of forensic science based on the research and documents available so far, which are:

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