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Best Forensic Books Under 1000/-

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Best Affordable E-Books

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10 Best Crime Fiction (Detective Novel)

Who don’t want to read exciting, nail biting and scary stories specially when it enhance our knowledge and increase our criteria of viewing things.

MCQs On Forensic Medicine

Kindle version of MCQs On Forensic Medicine


The “MCQs on Forensic Medicine” provides access to the questions which have been asked and can be asked in upcoming examinations, such as, NET/JRF, FACT, or other exams in which these subjects are in demand. It consist 500 MCQs on Forensic Medicine.

विधि विज्ञान पर एक दृष्टि

Forensic Science हिंदी भाषा में भी।
समझिये कि क्या है ये, क्यों है जरूरी, क्या प्रभाव है इसका?


A Closer Look on Forensic Science

The “A Closer Look on Forensic Science” is the resource to provide comprehensive coverage on Forensic Science.

Forensic Ballistics (300 Very-Short Answer Questions)

By @forensicfield

Forensic Ballistics (300 Very-Short Answer Questions)
(Including NET/JRF Previous Paper Questions)

Buy Forensic Ballistic E-book

MCQS on FORENSIC SCIENCE (Questioned Document)

By @forensicfield

The Forensic Science (Questioned Document) MCQ’s is the resource to provide comprehensive coverage on Questioned Documents. This E-book contains 300 objectives from Questioned Document Section of Forensic Science. (Questioned from previous papers of UGC/NET also included) which will help you to qualify NET/JRF examination as well as other competitive examination related to forensic science (Questioned Document).

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