Best Forensic Books Under 1000/-

Best way to understand Forensic Science is to make a self pointed notes and read lots of research paper because Forensic Science is an emerging field and there is loads of researches are going on in this field every day and we can find many articles, research papers online which help us to understand the present phenomena and modern applicability of methods, instruments and techniques.

But for good understanding of basics and application of Forensic Science with old and new methods to solve cases and evidence analysis we have to read text book and reading best textbook is like making a study piece of cake. A best book writer can make things easy to understand or can write lots of nonsense without right content.

We read lots of book and spent huge sum of money on it in which some are good and some are waste of time and money. Especially when we talks about Books for forensic science we always spent a great amount and still did not find ourselves satisfied because either sentences are too much to understand or concept is lengthy.

Recently I read some books which were not costly at all, and the concept was to easy to understand. These all books were under 1000 rupees so i wanted to share these with you. i have also share link of them so you can find these easily.

This list starts from here:

Introduction to Forensic Science in Criminal Investigation by Dr. Mrs Rukmani Krishnamurthy

A Closer Look On Forensic Science by Archana Singh

Forensic Science: An Introduction by Lori Dotson

Criminal Poisoning by John H. Trestrail (Author)

Forensic Medicine & Toxicology by Anil Aggrawal

The essentials of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology by KS Narayan Reddy 

Forensic Science: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions) by Jim Fraser

Forensic Science by Andrew R.W. Jackson

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