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Electrophoresis Test

By @forensicfield

What is Electrophoresis Test?

Electrophoresis is being used for the separation of various enzyme system.

There are two type of electrophoretic method have been recommended for identification of blood stains;-

  • 1] Separation and identification of hemoglobin by electrophoresis, and,
  • 2] Separation and identification of serum proteins by immunoelectrophoresis.

Immunoelectrophoresis is a two‐stage process:

  • 1.} Electrophoresis is conducted, and;
  • 2.} Immunoprecipitation using antibodies against specific proteins.

Resolution is improved by staining the proteins.

The technique is widely used to identify monoclonal immunoglobulins (M‐components) in serum and urine.

It’s Uses In Forensics

It’s a Confirmatory test for blood.

Basis Of The Test

This process involves the separation of Marker Proteins that are found on the surface of red blood cells.

Indication for the Presence of Blood

Electrophoresis  can be used to isolate and compare DNA, Blood proteins and inorganic substances.

How To Perform This Test ?

For Analyzing of Proteins


The disadvantages are that gels can melt during electrophoresis, the buffer can become exhausted, and different forms of genetic material may run in unpredictable forms.

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