What is Cyber Forensics?

What is Cyber Forensics?

Cyber forensics refers to the process of legally acquiring, gathering, processing, analysing, and reporting digital data. Computer forensics is another term for cyber forensics.

cyber forensic

It is a technological method that involves the examination of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) on electronic devices such as desktop computers, laptops, and external hard drives. It focuses on identifying and preventing cybercrime, as well as any challenges or incidents that may arise when evidence is stored digitally. Forensic investigators use specialized processes to find and present evidence in court. In civil and criminal proceedings, the investigation is carried out methodically to verify facts.

The application of Cyber Forensics

Cyber forensics may be applied to a variety of commercial, civil, and criminal investigations, such as:

•  Intellectual Property theft

•  Indecent imagery investigations

•  Employment disputes

•  Fraud investigations

•  Bankruptcy investigations

•  Regulatory compliance

•  Litigation & dispute resolution

Need for Cyber Forensics

•  Pretension and crime detection in the cyber field

•  They investigate a crime scene that is related to digital evidence.

•  It can help you recover files that have been encrypted, deleted, or damaged.

•  Detect and search for cybercrime-related data in any digital asset.

•  If digital evidence is not properly handled, it can be readily removed.

computer forensics

The Primary Goals of Cyber Security Forensics Investigators

•  For accessing, analysing, reporting, and presenting computer-oriented documents in a court of law so that they may be easily shown and filed as evidence.

•  To find evidence quickly, estimate the entire threat and impact of the malicious cyber activity on the impacted person or organisation, and propose solutions.

What evidence may be obtained?

•  Email communication, including deleted emails

•  Internet history, activity, account information, and downloads

•  Theft of electronic data or intellectual property

•  Files, folders, photos, and videos that have been deleted

• System data, such as creation times, dates, and system logs.

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