Types of Electronic Evidence


Electronic evidence means electronically stored information by the use of computer, Mobile phones or Internet. Electronic Information generally is admissible into evidence in a legal proceeding. There are lots of electronic information can be use as electronic evidence.

Types of Electronic Evidences:

Cell Phone

crop woman using smartphone in cafe
Cell Phone

Computer / Laptop

semi opened laptop computer turned on on table

Temporary Files

web banner with online information on computer
Temporary Files


black and gray digital device

ATM Transaction Log

ATM Reciepts

Mobile Phone/ Telephone Call Detail Record

Short Messages Services (SMS)

Digital Audio-Video Files

Close Circuit Television (CCTV) Footage

Global Positioning System (GPS) Track Record

Computer Print-Out

Computer Backup

Contents Of Computer

File Saved From Computer / Accounting Programs

Internet Browser Histories

Internet Service Provider (ISP) Details

Internet Protocol Address (IP Address)

Social Sites Chatting History

Instant Messages Detail

Internet Browser

Spread Sheets

E-form / E-gazette

Computer Software / Computer Programs

Debit Card / Credit Card

Internet Websites / Web Pages

Electronic Transaction Detail

Video Conferencing

Storage Media

PIN Code / Password

Electronic / Video Surveillance Tracking Record. etc.

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